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Partner of 
Rose Douras
Rose Douras

Partners of 
Rose Douras

Bernard J Douras


4 children together

Rose Douras
Bio Details

Full name

Rose C Douras

Maiden name

Rose C Reilly





Date of birth

Wednesday 26 Jul 1871

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA

Date of death:

25 Jan 1928

Place of death

At her home on Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, California, USA

Rose Douras Siblings

Marietta V Reilly


Rose Douras

Rose C Douras




Wednesday 26 Jul 1871


25 Jan 1928

Rose Douras Partner(s) Other Children

Rose Douras Children

Reine Davies

born 1886, died 1938, age 51
with Bernard J Douras

Rosemary Davies

born 1895, died 1963, age 68
with Bernard J Douras

Marion Davies

born 1897, died 1961, age 64
with Bernard J Douras

Film Actress

Ethel Davies

born 1905, died 1940, age 35 (approx.)
with Bernard J Douras


Rose Douras Family

Rose Douras's parents:

Rose Douras's mother is Margaret Reilly

Rose Douras's children:

Rose Douras's daughter was Marion Davies Rose Douras's daughter was Reine Davies Rose Douras's daughter was Rosemary Davies Rose Douras's daughter was Ethel Davies

Rose Douras's current partners:

Rose Douras's husband was Bernard J Douras

Rose Douras's siblings:

Rose Douras's sister is Marietta V Reilly

Rose Douras's grandchildren:

Rose Douras's granddaughter was Pepi Lederer Rose Douras's grandson was Charles Lederer

Rose Douras's in laws:

Rose Douras's father in law is Daniel Douras Rose Douras's mother in law is Catherine Douras Rose Douras's son in law was George Regas Rose Douras's son in law is George Van Cleve Rose Douras's daughter in law was Louis Adlon Rose Douras's son in law is Horace Brown

Rose Douras's former in laws:

Rose Douras's former son in law was George W Lederer