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Partner of 
Helen Cronkite
Helen Cronkite

Partners of 
Helen Cronkite

Dr Walter Leland Cronkite Sr


1 child together

Helen Cronkite
Bio Details

Full name

Helen Lena Cronkite

Maiden name

Helen Lena Fritsche




101 (approx.)

Date of birth

Aug 1892

Date of death:

7 Nov 1993

Place of death

at her home in Washington, DC, USA

Cause of death

Congestive heart failure

Mother of Walter Cronkite
Helen Cronkite

Helen Lena Cronkite


101 (approx.)


Aug 1892


7 Nov 1993

Helen Cronkite Partner(s) Other Children

Helen Cronkite Children

Walter Cronkite

born 1916, died 2009, age 92
with Dr Walter Leland Cronkite Sr

Legendary US News Broadcaster


Helen Cronkite Family

Helen Cronkite's children:

Helen Cronkite's son was Walter Cronkite

Helen Cronkite's current partners:

Helen Cronkite's husband was Dr Walter Leland Cronkite Sr

Helen Cronkite's grandchildren:

Helen Cronkite's granddaughter is Nancy Whitney Helen Cronkite's granddaughter is Kathy Cronkite Helen Cronkite's grandson is Chip Cronkite

Helen Cronkite's great grandchildren:

Helen Cronkite's great grandson is Will Ikard Helen Cronkite's great grandson is John Ikard Helen Cronkite's great grandson is Walter Cronkite IV Helen Cronkite's great grandson was Peter Cronkite

Helen Cronkite's in laws:

Helen Cronkite's daughter in law was Betsy Cronkite