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Partners of 
Nina Noyes
Nina Noyes

Partners of 
Nina Noyes

Julio Noyes


3 Sep 1969

John Langeloth Loeb Jr


married 14 Jun 1968
divorce before 1976

Nina Noyes
Bio Details

Full name

Nina S Noyes

Maiden name

Nina Sundby

Also known as

Nina Loeb



Nina Noyes

Nina S Noyes

Nina Noyes Partner(s) Other Children

Nina Noyes Children

Alexandra Loeb Driscoll

with John Langeloth Loeb Jr


Nina Noyes Family

Nina Noyes's parents:

Nina Noyes's father is Johannes Sundby

Nina Noyes's children:

Nina Noyes's daughter is Alexandra Loeb Driscoll

Nina Noyes's current partners:

Nina Noyes's husband is Julio Noyes

Nina Noyes's former partners:

Nina Noyes's former husband is John Langeloth Loeb Jr

Nina Noyes's grandparents:

Nina Noyes's grandfather is Ingvar Kjelstrup Nina Noyes's grandfather is Christian Sundby

Nina Noyes's in laws:

Nina Noyes's father in law is Julius Wentworth Noyes Nina Noyes's mother in law is Rosita Noyes

Nina Noyes's former in laws:

Nina Noyes's former father in law was John Langeloth Loeb Sr. Nina Noyes's former mother in law was Frances Loeb Nina Noyes's former sister in law is Judith Loeb Chiara Nina Noyes's former brother in law is Arthur Lehman Loeb Nina Noyes's former sister in law is Deborah Loeb Brice Nina Noyes's former sister in law was Ann Loeb Bronfman