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Partners of 
Rula Lenska
Rula Lenska

Partners of 
Rula Lenska

Dennis Waterman


married 1987
divorce 1998

Brian Deacon


1 child together

married 1977
divorce 1987

Pavlik Stooshnoff


dated from circa 1975
until circa 1975

Gianni Bussu


dated from about 1968
until about 1968

Peter Zaboyi

Teenage Romance

Rula Lenska
Bio Details

Full name

Rosa Marie Lubienska

Also known as

Roza Maria Laura Leopoldyna Lubienska





Date of birth

Tuesday 30 Sep 1947

Birth place

St Neots, Huntingdonshire, England, UK





Convent of Jesus and Mary, Willesden, London, United Kingdom

Sacred Heart High School, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom

Ursuline Convent School, Westgate-On-Sea, Kent, England, United Kingdom

Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England, United Kingdom

The Hidden Jail Bird

During the late 1960's Rula was working in Sardinia and enjoying a liberated, hippy lifestyle.  However, after a police raid on her house and the club where she worked, Rula was incarcerated for several months.  She had her passport taken away but she appears to never have been charged with anything.  She was finally released on Christmas Eve after about 5 months in prison, and was released 'con formula piena' - effectively as if never arrested.

Rubbing Surreal Shoulders

While dating an art dealer in the 1970's, Rula was taken to meet Salvadore Dali and his wife Gala in Spain.  During the visit Dali insisted on showing Rula his bedroom, and even suggested 'a project involving a threesome, the bed, and photographs' but Rula politely declined.

A Different Kind Of Incarceration

In 2006, Rula entered the Celebrity Big Brother House.  In her autobiography 'Rula: My Colourful Life' she likened the experience to the time she spent in a Sardinian prison.

Rula Lenska Siblings

Gabriella Lubienski


Andrew Carroll


other parent: Nicholas Carroll

Anna Lubienski


English Actress, and former Polish Aristocrat
Rula Lenska

Rosa Marie Lubienska




Tuesday 30 Sep 1947

Rula Lenska Partner(s) Other Children

Rula Lenska Children

Lara Parker

born 1981, age 37 (approx.)
with Brian Deacon


Rula Lenska Family

Rula Lenska's parents:

Rula Lenska's father is Count Ludwik Maria Lubienski Rula Lenska's mother was Countess Elzbieta Lubienski Rula Lenska's step-father is Nicholas Carroll

Rula Lenska's children:

Rula Lenska's daughter is Lara Parker

Rula Lenska's former partners:

Rula Lenska's former husband is Dennis Waterman Rula Lenska's former husband is Brian Deacon Rula Lenska dated Pavlik Stooshnoff Rula Lenska dated Gianni Bussu Rula Lenska had a teenage romance with Peter Zaboyi

Rula Lenska's siblings:

Rula Lenska's sister is Gabriella Lubienski Rula Lenska's half-brother is Andrew Carroll Rula Lenska's sister is Anna Lubienski

Rula Lenska's uncles and aunts:

Rula Lenska's uncle is Arthur Tyszkiewicz Rula Lenska's uncle is Jas Tyszkiewicz Rula Lenska's aunt is Marys Tyszkiewicz

Rula Lenska's former in laws:

Rula Lenska's former father in law is Harry Waterman Rula Lenska's former mother in law is Rose Waterman Rula Lenska's former brother in law is Ken Waterman Rula Lenska's former brother in law is Peter Waterman Rula Lenska's former sister in law is Stella Waterman Rula Lenska's former sister in law is Norma Waterman Rula Lenska's former sister in law is Myrna Waterman Rula Lenska's former sister in law is Joy Waterman Rula Lenska's former brother in law is Allen Waterman Rula Lenska's former sister in law is Vera Waterman

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