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John Deeks
Partners of 
John Deeks

John Deeks

John Henry James Deeks


89 (approx.)


Thursday 24 Dec 1914


May 2004

John Deeks
Bio Details

Full name

John Henry James Deeks




89 (approx.)

Date of birth

Thursday 24 Dec 1914

Date of death:

May 2004

Place of death

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK


Bus Conductor

Partners of 
John Deeks

Julie Deeks


Nov 1955

Rose Atkinson


1 child together

married about May 1936
divorce circa 1953

John Deeks Children

Dame Barbara Windsor

born 1937, died 2020, age 83
with Rose Atkinson

British Star of 'EastEnders' and the 'Carry On' films

John Deeks Partner(s) Other Children


John Deeks Family

John Deeks's parents:

John Deeks's father is Jack Deeks John Deeks's mother is Polly Deeks

John Deeks's children:

John Deeks's daughter was Dame Barbara Windsor

John Deeks's current partners:

John Deeks's wife was Julie Deeks

John Deeks's former partners:

John Deeks's former wife was Rose Atkinson

John Deeks's grandparents:

John Deeks's grandfather was John Deeks John Deeks's grandmother is Polly Deeks

John Deeks's great grandparents:

John Deeks's great grandfather was John Deeks

John Deeks's in laws:

John Deeks's son in law is Scott Mitchell

John Deeks's former in laws:

John Deeks's former father in law is Charlie Ellis John Deeks's former mother in law is Eliza Ellis John Deeks's former sister in law was Dolly Windsor John Deeks's former brother in law is Ronnie Ellis John Deeks's former son in law is Stephen Hollings John Deeks's former son in law is Ronnie Knight