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Lil Wayne
Partners of 
Lil Wayne

American Rapper
Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter




Monday 27 Sep 1982

Lil Wayne
Bio Details

Full name

Dwayne Michael Carter





Date of birth

Monday 27 Sep 1982

Birth place

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA



Jailed in 2010 for possession of weapons

Name :

Wayne dropped the D from his name because he didn't want to be named after his father who had abandoned the family.
The Dream and Christina's daughter Violet has 3 half brothers Navy, London and Christian
their father is The Dream and mum is Nivea
their half brother is Neal who's mum in Nivea and father is Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne was in a relationship with Christina 

Grammy Awards

2009 - Best Rap Album
2009 - Best Rap Song - Lollipop
2009 - Best Rap Performance - Swagga Like Us
2009 - Best Rap Solo - A Milli

Partners of 
Lil Wayne

Christina Milian


relationship began about Jul 2014
until Sep 2015

Toya Wright


1 child together

married 2004
divorce 2006

Sarah Vivan


1 child together

Lauren London


1 child together


Broken Engagement

1 child together

until 2002

Lil Wayne Children

Reginae Carter

born 1998, age 20 (approx.)
with Toya Wright

Lil Wayne's Daughter

Dwayne Carter

born 2008, age 10 (approx.)
with Sarah Vivan

Cameron Carter

born 2009, age 9 (approx.)
with Lauren London

Lil Wayne's Son

Neal Carter

born 2009, age 9 (approx.)
with Nivea

Lil Wayne's Son

Lil Wayne Partner(s) Other Children


Lil Wayne Family

Lil Wayne's parents:

Lil Wayne's father is Dwayne Michael Turner Lil Wayne's mother is Cita Carter Lil Wayne's step-father is Avery Goff Lil Wayne's step-father is Terry

Lil Wayne's children:

Lil Wayne's daughter is Reginae Carter Lil Wayne's son is Dwayne Carter Lil Wayne's son is Cameron Carter Lil Wayne's son is Neal Carter

Lil Wayne's current partners:

Lil Wayne has a relationship with Sarah Vivan

Lil Wayne's former partners:

Lil Wayne had a relationship with Christina Milian Lil Wayne's former wife is Toya Wright Lil Wayne had a relationship with Lauren London Lil Wayne is the former fiance of Nivea

Lil Wayne's grandparents:

Lil Wayne's grandfather is Larry Balsock Lil Wayne's grandmother is Mercedes Carter

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