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Partner of 
Jade Iovine
Jade Iovine

Partners of 
Jade Iovine

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Close Friendship

Jade Iovine
Bio Details

Full name

Jade Iovine



Jade Iovine Siblings

Jamie Iovine


Jessica Iovine


Jeremy Iovine


Skyla Sanders


step parent: Liberty Ross

Tennyson Sanders


step parent: Liberty Ross

Jade Iovine

Jade Iovine


Jade Iovine Family

Jade Iovine's parents:

Jade Iovine's father is Jimmy Iovine Jade Iovine's mother is Vicki Iovine Jade Iovine's step-mother is Liberty Ross

Jade Iovine's current partners:

Jade Iovine has a close friendship with Patrick Schwarzenegger

Jade Iovine's siblings:

Jade Iovine's brother is Jamie Iovine Jade Iovine's sister is Jessica Iovine Jade Iovine's brother is Jeremy Iovine Jade Iovine's step-sister is Skyla Sanders Jade Iovine's step-brother is Tennyson Sanders

Jade Iovine's grandparents:

Jade Iovine's grandfather was Jimmy Io-Vine

Jade Iovine's step-grandparents:

Jade Iovine's step-grandfather is Ian Ross Jade Iovine's step-grandmother is Bunty Ross