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Partners of 
Martha Fortune
Martha Fortune

Partners of 
Martha Fortune

John Nelson Fortune


2 children together

1910 (aft.)

Cabell Calloway Jr


3 children together

Martha Fortune
Bio Details

Full name

Martha Eulalia Fortune

Maiden name

Martha Eulalia Reed

Also known as

Martha Calloway




Music Teacher


Morgan State College, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Mother of Cab Calloway
Martha Fortune

Martha Eulalia Fortune

Martha Fortune Partner(s) Other Children

Martha Fortune Children

Camilla Coverdale

with John Nelson Fortune

Blanche Calloway

born 1902, died 1978, age 76
with Cabell Calloway Jr

First woman to lead an all male jazz orchestra

Bernice Monroe

born 1904, died 1992, age 88 (approx.)
with Cabell Calloway Jr

Sister of Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway

born 1907, died 1994, age 86
with Cabell Calloway Jr

American jazz singer and bandleader Known best for Minnie the Moocher

Elmer Fortune

born 1912, age 106 (approx.)
with John Nelson Fortune


Martha Fortune Family

Martha Fortune's children:

Martha Fortune's son was Cab Calloway Martha Fortune's daughter is Camilla Coverdale Martha Fortune's daughter was Blanche Calloway Martha Fortune's daughter was Bernice Monroe Martha Fortune's son is Elmer Fortune

Martha Fortune's current partners:

Martha Fortune's husband is John Nelson Fortune Martha Fortune had a relationship with Cabell Calloway Jr

Martha Fortune's grandchildren:

Martha Fortune's grandson is Michael Calloway Monroe Martha Fortune's granddaughter is Camay Calloway Murphy Martha Fortune's granddaughter was Chris Calloway Martha Fortune's granddaughter is Lael Calloway-Tyson Martha Fortune's granddaughter is Cabella Calloway Langsam Martha Fortune's adopted granddaughter is Constance Calloway

Martha Fortune's great grandchildren:

Martha Fortune's great grandson is Chris Brooks Martha Fortune's great grandson was Osaze Crosse Martha Fortune's great grandson is Caleb Langsam   Martha Fortune's great great grandchild is Cabbie Crosse

Martha Fortune's in laws:

Martha Fortune's daughter in law was Nuffie Calloway Martha Fortune's son in law was George Coverdale Martha Fortune's son in law is Dan Pinder Martha Fortune's son in law is Clarence Monroe

Martha Fortune's former in laws:

Martha Fortune's former daughter in law was Betty Calloway