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Joanna Moore
Partners of 
Joanna Moore

Silverscreen Actress
Joanna Moore

Dorothy Cook




Saturday 10 Nov 1934


22 Nov 1997

Joanna Moore
Bio Details

Full name

Dorothy Cook

Also known as

Joanna Cook





Date of birth

Saturday 10 Nov 1934

Birth place

Americus, Sumter County, Georgia, USA

Date of death:

22 Nov 1997

Place of death

Riverside County, California, USA

Cause of death

Lung Cancer



Born Dorothy Cook, her parents and younger sister died as a result of a car crash when she was 9 years old.  She was raised by her Grandmother from 1942 until she was too frail to look after her.  She was then adopted by a local family and it was at this time she changed her name to Joanna. 

Joanna Moore Siblings

Virginia Cook


Partners of 
Joanna Moore

Gary Reeves


married 13 Feb 1975
divorce Dec 1976

Ryan O'Neal


2 children together

married 1963
divorce 1967

Willis Moore


Joanna Moore Children

Griffin O'Neal

with Ryan O'Neal

Son of Hollywood Star Ryan O'Neal

Tatum O'Neal

born 1963, age 55
with Ryan O'Neal

US Actress & Author Daughter of Ryan O'Neal & Ex Wife of John McEnroe

Joanna Moore Partner(s) Other Children


Joanna Moore Family

Joanna Moore's parents:

Joanna Moore's father was Henry Cook Joanna Moore's mother was Dorothy Cook

Joanna Moore's children:

Joanna Moore's daughter is Tatum O'Neal Joanna Moore's son is Griffin O'Neal

Joanna Moore's former partners:

Joanna Moore's former husband is Ryan O'Neal Joanna Moore's former husband is Gary Reeves Joanna Moore's former husband is Willis Moore

Joanna Moore's siblings:

Joanna Moore's sister was Virginia Cook

Joanna Moore's former in laws:

Joanna Moore's former son in law is John McEnroe Joanna Moore's former mother in law is Patricia O'Neal Joanna Moore's former father in law is Charles O'Neal Joanna Moore's former brother in law is Kevin O'Neal