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Jerry Springer
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Jerry Springer

Creator & Host of 'The Jerry Springer Show'
Jerry Springer

Gerald Norman Springer




Sunday 13 Feb 1944


27 Apr 2023

Jerry Springer
Bio Details

Full name

Gerald Norman Springer





Date of birth

Sunday 13 Feb 1944

Birth place

In a bomb shelter at Highgate Underground Station, London, England, UK

Date of death:

27 Apr 2023

Place of death

At his home in Chicago, Illinois, USA



TV Host

News Anchor

Reality TV Personality

Radio Presenter



Broadway Singer

West End Singer


Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States (Finished 1965)

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, United States

An Explosive Start

Jerry was born in a Tube Station during an air raid on London.

Political Animal

Before he became what Barbara Walters described as 'one of the world's 10 most fascinating people', Jerry was Mayor of Cincinnati for two terms and a political activist for Bobby Kennedy.  After Kennedy's assassination Springer went on to successfully lobby for the legal lowering of the voting age from 21 to 18 in Ohio.

Courting Controversy

In 2003, two british writers created 'Jerry Springer
The Opera' based on the eponymous show.  When the show was broadcast on the BBC there was instant uproar among the evangelical group Christian voice over the show's supposedly blasphemous content.  They attempted to bring a prosecution against the director-general of the BBC, but the judge refused to issue a summons.  Two High Court Judges ruled that the show was not blasphemous.  However, the broadcast did illicit 55,000 complaints.

Razzle Dazzle 'Em

As well as releasing a CD of country songs, Jerry has performed as Billy Flynn in the stage musical Chicago in both London's West End and on Broadway.

Jerry Springer Siblings

Evelyn Springer


Partners of 
Jerry Springer

Relationship History

MIcki Velton


1 child together

Professional Partners

Kym Johnson

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 12 Sep 2006
until 25 Oct 2006

Jerry Springer Children

Katie Springer

born 1979, age 44 (approx.)
with MIcki Velton

Jerry Springer Partner(s) Other Children


Jerry Springer Family

Jerry Springer's parents:

Jerry Springer's father was Richard Springer Jerry Springer's mother was Margot Springer

Jerry Springer's children:

Jerry Springer's daughter is Katie Springer

Jerry Springer's current partners:

Jerry Springer's wife was MIcki Velton

Jerry Springer's siblings:

Jerry Springer's sister is Evelyn Springer

Jerry Springer's grandparents:

Jerry Springer's grandfather was Martin Kallmann Jerry Springer's grandmother was Marie Kallmann Jerry Springer's grandfather was Nathan Springer Jerry Springer's grandmother was Selma Springer

Jerry Springer's great grandparents:

Jerry Springer's great grandfather was Abraham Springer

Jerry Springer's great uncles and aunts:

Jerry Springer's great aunt was Flora Leiser Jerry Springer's great uncle is Hermann Elkeles

Jerry Springer's first cousins once removed:

Jerry Springer's first cousin once removed was Jacob Leiser

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