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Juno Alexander
Juno Alexander

Partners of 
Juno Alexander

Terence Alexander


2 children together

married 14 Jan 1949
divorce 1972

Juno Alexander
Bio Details

Full name

Juno Alexander

Maiden name

Juno Stevas





Date of birth

Thursday 02 Jul 1925

Birth place

Paddington, London, England

Date of death:

29 Jun 2014






Our Lady of Sion Convent, Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom

Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1947)

Although she had no French heritage, Juno was moved by the plight of the French during the second world war and initially volunteered to work for the Free French as a secretary in London, and later was promoted to a lieutenant in the Free French Army and went to France to work with the French Resistance.

Door to door...

When canvassing for local government, Juno knocked on a door which was opened by a woman who said 'You must be here to see mother' and whisked her into the house.  In the parlour was a coffin containing the woman's late mother.  Unperturbed, Juno made some respectful noises before being offered a cup of tea.  When she explained her actual reason for being there the woman swiped the tea back and exclaimed 'I am appalled by this behaviour! What IS the party coming to?'

Can-Can Council

In 1970 Juno was said to have resigned her council seat after performing high kicks in the council chamber wearing black stockings and false eyelashes and calling the mayor “Darling”.

Juno Alexander Siblings

Lord St John Of Fawsley


Actress and member of the French Resistance
Juno Alexander

Juno Alexander




Thursday 02 Jul 1925


29 Jun 2014

Juno Alexander Partner(s) Other Children

Juno Alexander Children


with Terence Alexander


with Terence Alexander


Juno Alexander Family

Juno Alexander's parents:

Juno Alexander's father was Spyro Stevas Juno Alexander's mother was Kitty Stevas

Juno Alexander's former partners:

Juno Alexander's former husband was Terence Alexander

Juno Alexander's siblings:

Juno Alexander's brother was Lord St John Of Fawsley

Juno Alexander's former in laws:

Juno Alexander's former father in law is Joseph Alexander Juno Alexander's former mother in law is Violet Alexander