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James Earl Jones
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James Earl Jones

The voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa from 'The Lion King'
James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones




Saturday 17 Jan 1931

James Earl Jones
Bio Details

Full name

James Earl Jones





Date of birth

Saturday 17 Jan 1931

Birth place

Arkabutla, Mississippi, USA


Actor (1957)


University of Michigan, Michigan, United States (Finished 1953)

American Theatre Wing, New York, New York, United States

A stuttering start...

As a very young boy Jones developed a debilitating stutter and refused to talk at school, pretending to be mute.  Eventually a teacher, Mr. Crouch, encouraged James to read one of his own epic poems to the class - Ode to Grapefruit - and because he had the lines memorised from writing them, young James was able to overcome his stutter.  He went on to win school prizes in Public Speaking.

A Broadway baby...

Before becoming a household name via the medium of film, Jones established himself as one of the foremost black stage actors of the time, starring in a number of Shakespeare productions including playing the lead in Othello, and winning a couple of Tony Awards for his work on Broadway.

Suffering from premature death...

In August 2015 Jones was the victim of an online death hoax.  It was widely reported on social media sites that James Earl Jones had died, but it was quickly established that this was rather tasteless practical joke and the actor was in fact alive and well.  Before this, in 1998 he was declared dead in the radio by the play-by-play announcer at a baseball game, who had mistaken him for James Earl Ray (assassin of Martin Luthor King).

Partners of 
James Earl Jones

Cecilia Hart


1 child together

15 Mar 1982

Julienne Marie


married 1968
divorce 1972

James Earl Jones Children

Flynn Earl Jones

born 1983, age 35 (approx.)
with Cecilia Hart

James Earl Jones Partner(s) Other Children


James Earl Jones Family

James Earl Jones's parents:

James Earl Jones's father is Robert Earl Jones James Earl Jones's mother was Ruth Connolly Jones

James Earl Jones's children:

James Earl Jones's son is Flynn Earl Jones

James Earl Jones's current partners:

James Earl Jones's wife is Cecilia Hart

James Earl Jones's former partners:

James Earl Jones's former wife is Julienne Marie

James Earl Jones's grandparents:

James Earl Jones's grandfather was John Henry Connolly James Earl Jones's grandmother was Maggie Connolly

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