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Mark Hamill
Partner of 
Mark Hamill

Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars Trilogy
Mark Hamill

Mark Richard Hamill




Tuesday 29 May 1951

Mark Hamill
Bio Details

Full name

Mark Richard Hamill





Date of birth

Tuesday 29 May 1951

Birth place

Oakland, California, USA


Hale Junior High School, San Diego, California, United States

Nile C. Kinnick High School, Yokohama, Japan

Annandale High School, Annandale, Virginia, United States

Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, California, United States

Hamill's acting debut was on The Cosby Show in 1970, and he had a number of small TV roles before being catapulted to stardom in the Star Wars films.
Although Hamill's face became instantly recognisable around the globe after Star Wars, he struggled with being identified too closely with Luke Skywalker.  He lost the part of Mozart in the film Amadeus when one of the studio executives declared 'I don't want Luke Skywalker in this film!'.  In fact, Hamill didn't return to film until 1989 - six years after 'Return Of The Jedi'.
Over the years Hamill has gained a reputation as a prolific voice actor, providing the voices for a variety of characters, most notably Batman's archenemy The Joker, as well as Spiderman's nemesis The Hobgoblin, Avenger's foe Klaw.  Not only this, but Mark has also appeared in The Simpsons, Family Guy and Robot Chicken.
In the world of gaming Hamill is well known, adding his voice to a plethora of characters across the gaming board, from vocal work in Full Throttle, X2: Wolverine's Revenge, Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, to narrating Call of Duty II: Big Red One.  He has won several awards for his work in this field.

Mark Hamill Siblings

Terry Hamill


Jeannie Hamill


Will Hamill


Jan Hamill


Patrick Hamill


Kim Hamill


Partners of 
Mark Hamill

Marilou Hamill


3 children together


Mark Hamill Children

Nathan Hamill

born 1979, age 39
with Marilou Hamill

Griffin Hamill

born 1983, age 35
with Marilou Hamill

Chelsea Hamill

born 1988, age 29
with Marilou Hamill

Mark Hamill Partner(s) Other Children


Mark Hamill Family

Mark Hamill's parents:

Mark Hamill's father is William Hamill Mark Hamill's mother was Virginia Hamill

Mark Hamill's children:

Mark Hamill's son is Nathan Hamill Mark Hamill's son is Griffin Hamill Mark Hamill's daughter is Chelsea Hamill

Mark Hamill's current partners:

Mark Hamill's wife is Marilou Hamill

Mark Hamill's siblings:

Mark Hamill's sister is Terry Hamill Mark Hamill's sister is Jeannie Hamill Mark Hamill's brother is Will Hamill Mark Hamill's sister is Jan Hamill Mark Hamill's brother is Patrick Hamill Mark Hamill's sister is Kim Hamill

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