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Partners of 
Shelagh Cowen
Shelagh Cowen

Partners of 
Shelagh Cowen

Major Rosslyn Cowen MBE


1957 - 2007

Fred M. Packard


married 1945
divorce 1955

Shelagh Cowen
Bio Details

Full name

Hon. Shelagh Cowen

Maiden name

Shelagh Rank

Also known as

Shelagh Packard



Date of death:

8 Apr 2007

Shelagh Cowen

Hon. Shelagh Cowen


8 Apr 2007


Shelagh Cowen Family

Shelagh Cowen's parents:

Shelagh Cowen's father was J. Arthur Rank, 1st Baron Rank Shelagh Cowen's mother was Hon. Laura Rank

Shelagh Cowen's former partners:

Shelagh Cowen's former husband is Major Rosslyn Cowen MBE Shelagh Cowen's former husband is Fred M. Packard

Shelagh Cowen's grandparents:

Shelagh Cowen's grandfather was Joseph Rank