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Edna Healey
Edna Healey

Partners of 
Edna Healey

Denis Healey
Baron Healey


3 children together

21 Dec 1945

Edna Healey
Bio Details

Full name

Baroness Edna May Healey

Maiden name

Edna May Edmunds





Date of birth

Friday 14 Jun 1918

Birth place

Newland Street, Coleford, Forest Of Dean, Gloucester, England, UK

Date of death:

21 Jul 2010

Place of death

Eastbourne General Hospital, East Sussex, England, UK

Cause of death

Heart failure





Bells Grammar School, Coleford, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom

Oxford University : St Hugh's College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Edna Healey Siblings

Doreen Edmunds


Author, and wife of Denis Healey
Edna Healey

Baroness Edna May Healey




Friday 14 Jun 1918


21 Jul 2010

Edna Healey Partner(s) Other Children

Edna Healey Children

Jenifer Copsey

born 1948, age 70
with Denis Healey Baron Healey

Timothy Healey

born 1949, age 69
with Denis Healey Baron Healey

Cressida Healey

born 1954, age 63
with Denis Healey Baron Healey


Edna Healey Family

Edna Healey's parents:

Edna Healey's father was Ted Edmunds Edna Healey's mother was Rose Edmunds

Edna Healey's children:

Edna Healey's daughter is Jenifer Copsey Edna Healey's son is Timothy Healey Edna Healey's daughter is Cressida Healey

Edna Healey's current partners:

Edna Healey's husband was Denis Healey Baron Healey

Edna Healey's siblings:

Edna Healey's sister is Doreen Edmunds

Edna Healey's grandchildren:

Edna Healey's granddaughter is Kate Copsey Edna Healey's grandson is Thomas Copsey Edna Healey's granddaughter is Susanna Healey Edna Healey's grandson is Charles Healey

Edna Healey's in laws:

Edna Healey's father in law is William Healey Edna Healey's mother in law is Win Healey Edna Healey's brother in law is Terry Healey Edna Healey's son in law is Derek Copsey Edna Healey's daughter in law is Joanna Healey