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Roy Kinnear
Partner of 
Roy Kinnear

Popular English Comic Actor
Roy Kinnear

Roy Mitchell Kinnear


8 months


Monday 08 Jan 1934


20 Sep 1934

Roy Kinnear
Bio Details

Full name

Roy Mitchell Kinnear




8 months

Date of birth

Monday 08 Jan 1934

Birth place

Wigan, Lancashire, England, UK

Date of death:

20 Sep 1934

Place of death

Madrid, Spain

Cause of death

Fell from a horse during filming of The Return Of The Musketeers.




Partners of 
Roy Kinnear

Carmel Kinnear


3 children together

29 Aug 1970

Roy Kinnear Children

Karina Kinnear

born 1971, age 48 (approx.)
with Carmel Kinnear

Kirsty Kinnear

born 1974, age 45 (approx.)
with Carmel Kinnear

Rory Kinnear

born 1978, age 41
with Carmel Kinnear

Award winning stage, film and TV actor

Roy Kinnear Partner(s) Other Children


Roy Kinnear Family

Roy Kinnear's parents:

Roy Kinnear's father was Roy Kinnear Roy Kinnear's mother was Annie Kinnear

Roy Kinnear's children:

Roy Kinnear's daughter is Karina Kinnear Roy Kinnear's daughter is Kirsty Kinnear Roy Kinnear's son is Rory Kinnear

Roy Kinnear's current partners:

Roy Kinnear's wife was Carmel Kinnear

Roy Kinnear's grandparents:

Roy Kinnear's grandfather is John Durie Roy Kinnear's grandmother is Marjory Durie Roy Kinnear's grandfather is Robert Kinnear Roy Kinnear's grandmother is Agnes Kinnear

Roy Kinnear's grandchildren:

Roy Kinnear's grandson is Riley Kinnear

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