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Partners of 
Rita Coolidge
Rita Coolidge

Partners of 
Rita Coolidge

Tatsuya Suda


19 Jun 2004

Kris Kristofferson


1 child together

married 1973
divorce 1980

Rita Coolidge
Bio Details

Full name

Rita Coolidge





Date of birth

Monday 01 May 1944

Birth place

Lafayette, Macon County, Tennessee, USA


Singer & Recording Artist


Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Visited Dartmouth, Devon (home of Famechain) when her then husband Kris Kristofferson was on location there filming 'The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea'.
Her heritage was mixed, and she embraced this wholeheartedly through her music.  Her father was full Cherokee, and her mother was half Cherokee half Scottish. 

Grammy Awards

1974 - Best Country Vocal - From the Bottle to The Bottom
1976 - Best Country Vocal - Lover Please

Rita Coolidge Siblings

Raymond Coolidge


Priscilla Coolidge


Linda Bell


Performed 'An All Time High'
The theme to Octopussy
Rita Coolidge

Rita Coolidge




Monday 01 May 1944

Rita Coolidge Partner(s) Other Children

Rita Coolidge Children

Casey Littlejohn

born 1975 (ca.), age 43 (ca.)
with Kris Kristofferson


Rita Coolidge Family

Rita Coolidge's parents:

Rita Coolidge's father is Raymond Coolidge Rita Coolidge's mother was Charlotte Coolidge

Rita Coolidge's children:

Rita Coolidge's daughter is Casey Littlejohn

Rita Coolidge's current partners:

Rita Coolidge's husband is Tatsuya Suda

Rita Coolidge's former partners:

Rita Coolidge's former husband is Kris Kristofferson

Rita Coolidge's siblings:

Rita Coolidge's brother is Raymond Coolidge Rita Coolidge's sister is Priscilla Coolidge Rita Coolidge's sister is Linda Bell

Rita Coolidge's nieces and nephews:

Rita Coolidge's nephew is Michael Coolidge Rita Coolidge's niece is Laure Coolidge Rita Coolidge's nephew is Raymond Coolidge III Rita Coolidge's nephew is Booker T. Jones III Rita Coolidge's niece is Lonnie Giaffoglione Rita Coolidge's niece is Laura Satterfield Rita Coolidge's nephew is Paul Satterfield

Rita Coolidge's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Rita Coolidge's great nephew is Vincent Giaffoglione Rita Coolidge's great niece is Delaney Giaffoglione Rita Coolidge's great niece is Bella Giaffoglione Rita Coolidge's great niece is Charlotte Giaffoglione

Rita Coolidge's grandparents:

Rita Coolidge's grandfather was Lon Stewart Rita Coolidge's grandmother was Laura Stewart

Rita Coolidge's grandchildren:

Rita Coolidge's granddaughter is Ela Faye Littlejohn Rita Coolidge's granddaughter is Rose Littlejohn

Rita Coolidge's in laws:

Rita Coolidge's son in law is Red Littlejohn

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