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Partners of 
Dorothy Hambro
Dorothy Hambro

Partners of 
Dorothy Hambro

Sir Charles Hambro


1 child together

15 Feb 1936

Dr Marcus Wallenberg jr


3 children together

married Sep 1923
divorce 1935

Dorothy Hambro
Bio Details

Full name

Dorothy Helen Hambro

Maiden name

Dorothy Helen Mackay

Also known as

Dorothy Helen Wallenberg





Date of birth

Friday 06 Apr 1900

Birth place

Brought Ferry, Dundee, Scotland, UK

Date of death:

17 Nov 1984

Widow of Marcus Wallenberg
wife of Charles Hambro
Dorothy Hambro

Dorothy Helen Hambro




Friday 06 Apr 1900


17 Nov 1984

Dorothy Hambro Partner(s) Other Children

Dorothy Hambro Children

Marc Wallenberg

born 1924, died 1971, age 47
with Dr Marcus Wallenberg jr

Heir to Wallenberg banking fortune.

Peter Wallenberg snr

born 1926, died 2015, age 88
with Dr Marcus Wallenberg jr

Ann Marie Bonsor

born 1929, age 89 (approx.)
with Dr Marcus Wallenberg jr

Sally Brand Viscountess Hampden

born 1938, age 80 (approx.)
with Sir Charles Hambro


Dorothy Hambro Family

Dorothy Hambro's parents:

Dorothy Hambro's father is Alexander Mackay Dorothy Hambro's mother is Edith Mackay

Dorothy Hambro's children:

Dorothy Hambro's son was Marc Wallenberg Dorothy Hambro's son was Peter Wallenberg snr Dorothy Hambro's daughter is Ann Marie Bonsor Dorothy Hambro's daughter is Sally Brand Viscountess Hampden

Dorothy Hambro's current partners:

Dorothy Hambro's husband was Sir Charles Hambro

Dorothy Hambro's former partners:

Dorothy Hambro's former husband was Dr Marcus Wallenberg jr

Dorothy Hambro's grandchildren:

Dorothy Hambro's granddaughter is Catharine Snow

Dorothy Hambro's in laws:

Dorothy Hambro's son in law was Anthony Brand Viscount Hampden Dorothy Hambro's son in law was Peter Snow

Dorothy Hambro's former in laws:

Dorothy Hambro's former father in law is Marcus Wallenberg snr Dorothy Hambro's former mother in law is Amalia Wallenberg