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Partners of 
Jeanette Sassoon
Jeanette Sassoon

Partners of 
Jeanette Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon CBE


married 1983
divorce about 1984

Gary Fellers


Jeanette Sassoon
Bio Details

Full name

Jeanette Sassoon

Maiden name

Jeanette Hartford-Davis





In the mid 1990's jeanette's horse Valiant stepped on a nail, and the resulting infection led to total blindness within three days.  However, rather than euthanising the animal, Jeanette decided to become his 'seeing eye person'.  With persistence and training, Valiant has returned to successfully competing in dressage.
Jeanette Sassoon

Jeanette Sassoon


Jeanette Sassoon Family

Jeanette Sassoon's current partners:

Jeanette Sassoon's husband is Gary Fellers

Jeanette Sassoon's former partners:

Jeanette Sassoon's former husband was Vidal Sassoon CBE

Jeanette Sassoon's former in laws:

Jeanette Sassoon's former mother in law is Betty Sassoon