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Barry Diller
Partner of 
Barry Diller

Co-Founder of the Fox Network
Barry Diller

Barry Charles Diller




Monday 02 Feb 1942

Barry Diller
Bio Details

Full name

Barry Charles Diller





Date of birth

Monday 02 Feb 1942

Birth place

San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA


Media Mogul

Talent Agent


Beverly Hills High School, California, United States

University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles, United States

Starting out as a talent scout, Diller worked his way up the ranks to become Vice President of ABC, and then moved into the position of Chief Executive of Paramount Studios.  During a long and successful career he has built quite an empire, owning the Home Shopping Network & Sci-Fi channels, and later becoming part owner of Ticketmaster.
Barry Diller and and his wife Diane von Furstenberg own what is claimed to be the world\s largest sailing yacht Eos.

Partners of 
Barry Diller

Diane Von Furstenberg



Barry Diller Children

Prince Alexander of Furstenberg

born 1970, age 50
step-child with Diane Von Furstenberg

Princess Tatiana Of Fürstenberg

born 1971, age 49
step-child with Diane Von Furstenberg

Barry Diller Partner(s) Other Children


Barry Diller Family

Barry Diller's parents:

Barry Diller's father was Michael Diller Barry Diller's mother was Reva Diller

Barry Diller's children:

Barry Diller's step-son is Prince Alexander of Furstenberg Barry Diller's step-daughter is Princess Tatiana Of F├╝rstenberg

Barry Diller's current partners:

Barry Diller's wife is Diane Von Furstenberg

Barry Diller's in laws:

Barry Diller's father in law was Leon Halfin Barry Diller's mother in law was Liliane Halfin

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