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Partners of 
Joy Beverley MBE
Joy Beverley MBE

Partners of 
Joy Beverley MBE

Billy Wright CBE


2 children together

1958 - 1994

Roger Carey


1 child together

married 1945
divorce 1950

Joy Beverley MBE
Bio Details

Full name

Jocelyn Chinery

Also known as

Joy Carocari

Joy Carey

Joy Beverley Wright





Date of birth

Monday 05 May 1924

Birth place

Bethnal Green, London, England, UK

Date of death:

31 Aug 2015


Singer & Recording Artist

The Beverley Sisters were the first all girl singing group to wear trousers and to bare their midriffs.

Joy Beverley MBE Siblings

Teddie Beverley MBE


Babs Beverley MBE


Member of The Beverley Sisters
Joy Beverley MBE

Jocelyn Chinery




Monday 05 May 1924


31 Aug 2015

Joy Beverley MBE Partner(s) Other Children

Joy Beverley MBE Children

Babette Wright

with Billy Wright CBE

Vince Carey

born 1945 (ca.), age 73 (ca.)
with Roger Carey

Vicky Wright

born 1959, age 59 (approx.)
with Billy Wright CBE

Daughter of Joy Beverley of the Beverley Sisters


Joy Beverley MBE Family

Joy Beverley MBE's parents:

Joy Beverley MBE's father was George Chinery Joy Beverley MBE's mother was Victoria Chinery

Joy Beverley MBE's children:

Joy Beverley MBE's daughter is Babette Wright Joy Beverley MBE's son is Vince Carey Joy Beverley MBE's daughter is Vicky Wright

Joy Beverley MBE's former partners:

Joy Beverley MBE's former husband was Billy Wright CBE Joy Beverley MBE's former husband is Roger Carey Joy Beverley MBE dated Gilbert Houcke

Joy Beverley MBE's siblings:

Joy Beverley MBE's sister is Teddie Beverley MBE Joy Beverley MBE's sister was Babs Beverley MBE

Joy Beverley MBE's nieces and nephews:

Joy Beverley MBE's niece is Sasha Felix