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Partners of 
Mel Giedroyc
Mel Giedroyc

Partners of 
Mel Giedroyc

Relationship History

Ben Morris


2 children together


Arthur Mathews


dated from about 1993

Professional Partners

Sue Perkins

Professional Working Relationship

working together from 1990

Mel Giedroyc
Bio Details

Mel Giedroyc Siblings

Miko Giedroyc


Lady Coky Bowyer-Smyth


Kasia Parham


Former Great British Bake Off Presenter
Mel Giedroyc

Melanie Clare Sophie Giedroyc




Wednesday 05 Jun 1968

Mel Giedroyc Partner(s) Other Children

Mel Giedroyc Children

Florence Morris

born 2002, age 16 (approx.)
with Ben Morris

Vita Morris

born 2004, age 14 (approx.)
with Ben Morris


Mel Giedroyc Family

Mel Giedroyc's parents:

Mel Giedroyc's father was Michael Giedroyc Mel Giedroyc's mother is Rosy Giedroyc

Mel Giedroyc's children:

Mel Giedroyc's daughter is Florence Morris Mel Giedroyc's daughter is Vita Morris

Mel Giedroyc's current partners:

Mel Giedroyc's husband is Ben Morris

Mel Giedroyc's former partners:

Mel Giedroyc dated Arthur Mathews

Mel Giedroyc's siblings:

Mel Giedroyc's sister is Lady Coky Bowyer-Smyth Mel Giedroyc's brother is Miko Giedroyc Mel Giedroyc's sister is Kasia Parham

Mel Giedroyc's nieces and nephews:

Mel Giedroyc's nephew is Casimir Bowyer-Smyth

Mel Giedroyc's grandparents:

Mel Giedroyc's grandfather was Tadeusz Giedroyc

Mel Giedroyc's in laws:

Mel Giedroyc's brother in law is Chris Morris Mel Giedroyc's sister in law-by-marriage is Jo Unwin Mel Giedroyc's father in law is Michael Morris Mel Giedroyc's mother in law is Rosemary Morris Mel Giedroyc's brother in law is Tom Morris

Mel Giedroyc FameChain Links

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