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Partner of 
Peppy Harriott
Peppy Harriott

Partners of 
Peppy Harriott

Chester Harriott,
"The Black Liberace"


3 children together

May 1953

Peppy Harriott
Bio Details

Full name

Petrona Veronica Adaisma Harriott

Maiden name

Petrona Strudwick

Also known as

Veronica Strudwick

Peppy Moore





Date of birth

Sunday 14 Aug 1927

Date of death:

29 Oct 1993

Place of death

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, UK

Cause of death

Pancreatic cancer


Accounts Administrator

Mother of Ainsley Harriott
Peppy Harriott

Petrona Veronica Adaisma Harriott




Sunday 14 Aug 1927


29 Oct 1993

Peppy Harriott Partner(s) Other Children

Peppy Harriott Children

Jacqueline Harriott

born 1952, age 66 (approx.)
with Chester Harriott, "The Black Liberace"

Chester Harriott jr

born 1954, age 64 (approx.)
with Chester Harriott, "The Black Liberace"

Ainsley Harriott

born 1957, age 61
with Chester Harriott, "The Black Liberace"

Popular British TV Chef

Donna Harriott

born 1980, age 38 (approx.)
step-child with Chester Harriott, "The Black Liberace"


Peppy Harriott Family

Peppy Harriott's parents:

Peppy Harriott's father was Clifford Strudwick Peppy Harriott's mother is Beatrice Case

Peppy Harriott's children:

Peppy Harriott's son is Ainsley Harriott Peppy Harriott's daughter is Jacqueline Harriott Peppy Harriott's son is Chester Harriott jr Peppy Harriott's step-daughter is Donna Harriott

Peppy Harriott's current partners:

Peppy Harriott's husband was Chester Harriott, "The Black Liberace"

Peppy Harriott's grandchildren:

Peppy Harriott's grandson is Jimmy Harriott Peppy Harriott's granddaughter is Maddie Harriott

Peppy Harriott's in laws:

Peppy Harriott's father in law was Oscar Harriott Peppy Harriott's mother in law is Minna Harriott Peppy Harriott's grandfather in law was Ebenezer Harriott Peppy Harriott's grandmother in law was Constance Harriott Peppy Harriott's grandfather in law is Albert Powell Peppy Harriott's grandmother in law was Alide Powell Peppy Harriott's brother in law is Oscar Harriott jr Peppy Harriott's sister in law is Marcie Harriott

Peppy Harriott's former in laws:

Peppy Harriott's former daughter in law is Clare Harriott