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Robert Evans
Partners of 
Robert Evans

Hollywood Film Producer
Robert Evans

Robert Evans




Sunday 29 Jun 1930


26 Oct 2019

Robert Evans
Bio Details

Full name

Robert Evans

Maiden name

Robert J Shapera





Date of birth

Sunday 29 Jun 1930

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA

Date of death:

26 Oct 2019

Place of death

Berverly Hills, California, USA


Film Producer


Clothes Dealer

Wrongly prosecuted for hiring two hit men to kill a theatrical promoter after a drug deal went wrong in 1984.

Robert Evans Siblings

Charlie Evans


Alice Shure


Partners of 
Robert Evans

Victoria White


married about 6 Aug 2005
divorce Jun 2006

Leslie Ann Woodward


married 2 Nov 2002
divorce Jul 2004

Catherine Oxenberg

Annulment of marriage

1998 - 1998

Phyllis George


married 14 Apr 1977
divorce about 1978

Ali MacGraw


1 child together

married 24 Oct 1969
divorce 1973

Camilla Sparv


married about Nov 1964
divorce 1967

Sharon Hugueny


married 28 May 1961
divorce Nov 1961

Ava Gardner


Lana Turner


Raquel Welch


Robert Evans Children

Josh Evans

born 1971, age 48
with Ali MacGraw

Son of Ali MacGraw

Robert Evans Partner(s) Other Children


Robert Evans Family

Robert Evans's parents:

Robert Evans's father was Archie Evans Robert Evans's mother was Florence Evans

Robert Evans's children:

Robert Evans's son is Josh Evans

Robert Evans's former partners:

Robert Evans dated Ava Gardner Robert Evans dated Princess Grace of Monaco Robert Evans dated Raquel Welch Robert Evans dated Lana Turner Robert Evans was in an annulled marriage with Catherine Oxenberg Robert Evans's former wife is Ali MacGraw Robert Evans's former wife is Victoria White Robert Evans's former wife is Leslie Ann Woodward Robert Evans's former wife is Phyllis George Robert Evans's former wife is Camilla Sparv Robert Evans's former wife was Sharon Hugueny Robert Evans dated Margaux Hemingway

Robert Evans's siblings:

Robert Evans's brother is Charlie Evans Robert Evans's sister is Alice Shure

Robert Evans's grandchildren:

Robert Evans's grandson is Jackson Evans

Robert Evans's in laws:

Robert Evans's daughter in law is Roxy Saint

Robert Evans's former in laws:

Robert Evans's former father in law is Bob George Robert Evans's former mother in law is Louise George Robert Evans's former grandfather in law is Jim George Robert Evans's former sister in law is Brijitta Sparv Robert Evans's former father in law is Alfred Hugueney Robert Evans's former mother in law is Lorraine Hugueny Robert Evans's former brother in law is Alfred Hugueny Robert Evans's former sister in law is Eileen Hugueny Robert Evans's former son in law is Charis Michelsen