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Partner of 
Monna Frost
Monna Frost

Partners of 
Monna Frost

Reverend Wilfred Frost


2 children together

Aug 1922

Monna Frost
Bio Details

Full name

Maud Evelyn Frost

Maiden name

Maud Evelyn Aldrich

Also known as

Mona Frost

Maude Frost





Date of birth

Monday 26 Jan 1903

Birth place

Darsham, Suffolk, England, UK

Date of death:

23 Apr 1991

Place of death

Whitby, Yorkshire, England, UK

Mother of Sir David Frost
Monna Frost

Maud Evelyn Frost




Monday 26 Jan 1903


23 Apr 1991

Monna Frost Partner(s) Other Children

Monna Frost Children

Jean Frost

born 1923, age 95 (approx.)
with Reverend Wilfred Frost

Sir David Frost

born 1939, died 2013, age 74
with Reverend Wilfred Frost

World famous TV interviewer


Monna Frost Family

Monna Frost's parents:

Monna Frost's father was Andrew Aldrich Monna Frost's mother is Jeanie Aldrich

Monna Frost's children:

Monna Frost's son was Sir David Frost Monna Frost's daughter is Jean Frost

Monna Frost's current partners:

Monna Frost's husband was Reverend Wilfred Frost

Monna Frost's grandchildren:

Monna Frost's grandson was Miles Frost Monna Frost's grandson is Wilfred Frost Monna Frost's grandson is George Frost

Monna Frost's in laws:

Monna Frost's daughter in law is Lady Carina Frost Monna Frost's father in law was William Frost Monna Frost's mother in law is Mary Frost

Monna Frost's former in laws:

Monna Frost's former daughter in law was Lynne Frederick