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Peter Cohen
Partner of 
Peter Cohen

Father of England Rugby star Ben Cohen
Brother of England Football  World Cup star George Cohen
Peter Cohen

Peter Cohen




Tuesday 07 Apr 1942


14 Nov 2000

Peter Cohen
Bio Details

Full name

Peter Cohen





Date of birth

Tuesday 07 Apr 1942

Date of death:

14 Nov 2000

Place of death

Northampton General Hospital, Northamptonshire, England, UK

Cause of death

From serious head injuries received in the early hours of 14 October when he was badly beaten outside his son Justin's Eternity nightclub.

Peter Cohen Siblings

George Cohen


Partners of 
Peter Cohen

Lana Cohen


3 children together

Nov 1972

Peter Cohen Children

Sam Cohen

born 1973, age 47 (approx.)
with Lana Cohen

Justin Cohen

born 1974, age 46 (approx.)
with Lana Cohen

Ben Cohen

born 1978, age 41
with Lana Cohen

Retired Rugby Union player

Peter Cohen Partner(s) Other Children


Peter Cohen Family

Peter Cohen's parents:

Peter Cohen's father was Lewis Cohen Peter Cohen's mother was Kate Cohen

Peter Cohen's children:

Peter Cohen's son is Ben Cohen Peter Cohen's daughter is Sam Cohen Peter Cohen's son is Justin Cohen

Peter Cohen's current partners:

Peter Cohen's wife was Lana Cohen

Peter Cohen's siblings:

Peter Cohen's brother is George Cohen

Peter Cohen's nieces and nephews:

Peter Cohen's nephew is Anthony Cohen Peter Cohen's nephew is Andrew Cohen

Peter Cohen's grandchildren:

Peter Cohen's granddaughter is Harriette Cohen Peter Cohen's granddaughter is Isabelle Cohen Peter Cohen's granddaughter is Mila Cohen

Peter Cohen's former in laws:

Peter Cohen's former daughter in law is Abby Cohen