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Nick Barham
Partners of 
Nick Barham

Nick Barham

Nicholas Eaton Crocker Barham


58 (approx.)



Nick Barham
Bio Details

Full name

Nicholas Eaton Crocker Barham




58 (approx.)

Date of birth





Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Partners of 
Nick Barham

Karen Carwin


1 child together

relationship began before 2009

Gretel Packer


2 children together

married 27 Jul 1991
divorce 1999

Nick Barham Children

Francesca Packer-Barham

born 1994, age 23
with Gretel Packer

Kerry Packer's granddaughter

Benjamin Packer-Barham

born 1999, age 19
with Gretel Packer

Kerry Packer's Grandson

Blake Barham

born 2010, age 8
with Karen Carwin

Nick Barham Partner(s) Other Children


Nick Barham Family

Nick Barham's parents:

Nick Barham's father is David Barham Nick Barham's mother is Elizabeth Barham

Nick Barham's children:

Nick Barham's daughter is Francesca Packer-Barham Nick Barham's son is Benjamin Packer-Barham Nick Barham's son is Blake Barham

Nick Barham's current partners:

Nick Barham has a relationship with Karen Carwin

Nick Barham's former partners:

Nick Barham's former wife is Gretel Packer

Nick Barham's former in laws:

Nick Barham's former father in law was Sir Kerry Packer Nick Barham's former step-mother in law was Florence Packer Nick Barham's former brother in law is Jamie Packer Nick Barham's former mother in law is Roslyn Packer Nick Barham's former grandfather in law was Sir Frank Packer Nick Barham's former grandmother in law was Gretel Packer Nick Barham's former wife Gretel Packer's uncle in law was Clyde Packer