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Sean Lennon
Partners of 
Sean Lennon

The Only Child of John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Sean Lennon

Sean Taro Ono Lennon




Thursday 09 Oct 1975

Sean Lennon
Bio Details

Full name

Sean Taro Ono Lennon

Also known as

Sean Ono Lennon





Date of birth

Thursday 09 Oct 1975

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA



Political Activist

Sean was born on his Father's Birthday

Sean Lennon Siblings

Julian Lennon


other parent: Cynthia Lennon

Kyoko Cox


other parent: Anthony Cox

Partners of 
Sean Lennon

Lizzy Jagger


dated from about 2004
until about 2004

Bijou Phillips


until 2004

Leelee Sobieski


until about 2004


Sean Lennon Family

Sean Lennon's parents:

Sean Lennon's father was John Lennon Sean Lennon's mother is Yoko Ono

Sean Lennon's former step-parents:

Sean Lennon's former step-mother was Cynthia Lennon Sean Lennon's former step-father is Anthony Cox Sean Lennon's former step-father is Toshi Ichiyanagi

Sean Lennon's former partners:

Sean Lennon had a relationship with Bijou Phillips Sean Lennon dated Milla Jovovich Sean Lennon dated Lizzy Jagger Sean Lennon dated Leelee Sobieski

Sean Lennon's siblings:

Sean Lennon's half-brother is Julian Lennon Sean Lennon's half-sister is Kyoko Cox

Sean Lennon's grandparents:

Sean Lennon's grandfather is Eisuke Ono Sean Lennon's grandmother is Isoko Ono Sean Lennon's grandfather was Alfred Lennon Sean Lennon's grandmother was Julia Lennon

Sean Lennon's great grandparents:

Sean Lennon's great grandfather was George Stanley Sean Lennon's great grandmother was Annie Stanley Sean Lennon's great grandfather is Jack Lennon Sean Lennon's great grandmother was Mary Lennon   Sean Lennon's great great grandmother was Mary Millward

Sean Lennon's former step-grandparents:

Sean Lennon's former step-grandfather was Charles Powell Sean Lennon's former step-grandmother was Lilian Powell

Sean Lennon's uncles and aunts:

Sean Lennon's aunt is Victoria Williams

Sean Lennon's great uncles and aunts:

Sean Lennon's great aunt was Mary Smith Sean Lennon's great aunt is Elizabeth Stanley

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