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John Phillips
Partners of 
John Phillips

Member of The Mamas & the Papas
John Phillips

John Edmund Andrew Phillips




Friday 30 Aug 1935


18 Mar 2001

John Phillips
Bio Details

Full name

John Edmund Andrew Phillips

Also known as

Papa John





Date of birth

Friday 30 Aug 1935

Birth place

Parris Island, South Carolina, USA

Date of death:

18 Mar 2001

Place of death

University of California Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

Heart failure.




Partners of 
John Phillips

Farnaz Arasteh


Feb 1995

Genevieve Waite


2 children together

married 31 Jan 1972
divorce Jun 1985

Michelle Phillips


1 child together

married 31 Dec 1962
divorce 1970

Susan Phillips,
Suzy Phillips-January


1 child together

married 1957
divorce 1962

Ann Marshall


John Phillips Children

Mackenzie Phillips

born 1959, age 59
with Susan Phillips, Suzy Phillips-January

Chynna Phillips Baldwin

born 1968, age 51
with Michelle Phillips

Member of Wilson Phillips Daughter to Mamas & the Papas members

Tam Phillips

born 1971, age 48
with Genevieve Waite

Bijou Phillips

born 1980, age 39
with Genevieve Waite

American Actress and Model

John Phillips Partner(s) Other Children


John Phillips Family

John Phillips's parents:

John Phillips's father is Claude Phillips, John Phillips's mother is Edna Phillips

John Phillips's children:

John Phillips's daughter is Bijou Phillips John Phillips's daughter is Mackenzie Phillips John Phillips's daughter is Chynna Phillips Baldwin John Phillips's son is Tam Phillips

John Phillips's current partners:

John Phillips's wife was Farnaz Arasteh

John Phillips's former partners:

John Phillips's former wife is Michelle Phillips John Phillips's former wife was Genevieve Waite John Phillips's former wife was Susan Phillips, Suzy Phillips-January John Phillips dated Ann Marshall

John Phillips's grandchildren:

John Phillips's granddaughter is Jameson Baldwin John Phillips's grandson is Vance Baldwin John Phillips's granddaughter is Brooke Baldwin John Phillips's granddaughter is Fianna Masterson

John Phillips's in laws:

John Phillips's son in law is Billy Baldwin John Phillips's son in law is Danny Masterson

John Phillips's former in laws:

John Phillips's former father in law was Gardner Gilliam John Phillips's former mother in law was Joyce Gilliam John Phillips's former sister in law is Rusty Gilliam

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