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Geoffrey Edelsten
Partners of 
Geoffrey Edelsten

Founder of Allied Medical Group
Geoffrey Edelsten

Geoffrey Walter Edelsten




Sunday 02 May 1943


11 Jun 2021

Geoffrey Edelsten
Bio Details

Full name

Geoffrey Walter Edelsten





Date of birth

Sunday 02 May 1943

Birth place

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Date of death:

11 Jun 2021

Place of death

At his apartment in St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Doctor (1966 - 1988)

He introduced a 24 hour a day 'superclinic', changing general clinic practice into a slick commercial enterprise with Grand pianos in the waiting room. 
Bought Sydney Swans AFL team in 1985.
Struck off the medical roll in New South Wales in 1988 and deregistered in Victoria in 1992. He had been found guilty of professional misconduct from inducing his staff doctors to over provide for patients to employing unqualified staff to perform laser surgery.
A Supreme Court jury found him guilty of employing a hit man, Christopher Dale Flannery to assault a former patient. He was also convicted of perverting the course of justice and spent a year in jail, when he issued a medical certificate to Chritopher Flannery so that a murder trial was postponed. 
Owns approximately 20 cars including a Lamborghini with a number plate D-8-B-8. He has about 44 flat screen TV's and a smoke machine in his two storey apartment.

Geoffrey Edelsten Siblings

Rodney Edelsten


Partners of 
Geoffrey Edelsten

Brynne Edelsten


married 29 Nov 2009
divorce 4 Apr 2015

Isabel Beard


1 child together

relationship began about 1988

Leanne Edelsten


married 29 Jul 1984
divorce 1988

Geoffrey Edelsten Children

Matthew Beard

born 1989, age 32 (approx.)
with Isabel Beard

Geoffrey Edelsten Partner(s) Other Children


Geoffrey Edelsten Family

Geoffrey Edelsten's parents:

Geoffrey Edelsten's father was Hymie Edelsten Geoffrey Edelsten's mother was Esther Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten's children:

Geoffrey Edelsten's son is Matthew Beard

Geoffrey Edelsten's current partners:

Geoffrey Edelsten's wife was Gabi Grecko-Edelsten GLittA FoXX

Geoffrey Edelsten's former partners:

Geoffrey Edelsten's former wife is Brynne Edelsten Geoffrey Edelsten had a relationship with Isabel Beard Geoffrey Edelsten's former wife is Leanne Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten's siblings:

Geoffrey Edelsten's brother is Rodney Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten's grandparents:

Geoffrey Edelsten's grandfather was Harry Berland Geoffrey Edelsten's grandmother is Norma Hamer Geoffrey Edelsten's grandfather was Gus Edelsten Geoffrey Edelsten's grandmother was Rose Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten's uncles and aunts:

Geoffrey Edelsten's aunt is Fay Berland

Geoffrey Edelsten's in laws:

Geoffrey Edelsten's father in law was Michael Grecko Geoffrey Edelsten's mother in law is Kathy Deering Geoffrey Edelsten's step-father in law is Brian Deering

Geoffrey Edelsten's former in laws:

Geoffrey Edelsten's former mother in law is Mariela