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Ryan Reynolds
Partners of 
Ryan Reynolds

Superhero Green Lantern Actor
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Rodney Reynolds




Saturday 23 Oct 1976

Ryan Reynolds
Bio Details

Full name

Ryan Rodney Reynolds





Date of birth

Saturday 23 Oct 1976

Birth place

Vancouver, British Columbia



Voice of Guy the nomadic cave boy in The Croods

Partners of 
Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively


3 children together

9 Sep 2012

Scarlett Johansson


married 2008
divorce Jul 2011

Alanis Morissette

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2004
until 2007

Ryan Reynolds Children

James Reynolds

born 2014, age 6
with Blake Lively

Ines Reynolds

born 2016, age 4
with Blake Lively

Baby Reynolds

born 2019, age 1 (approx.)
with Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds Partner(s) Other Children


Ryan Reynolds Family

Ryan Reynolds's parents:

Ryan Reynolds's father is Jim Reynolds Ryan Reynolds's mother is Tammy Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds's children:

Ryan Reynolds's daughter is James Reynolds Ryan Reynolds's daughter is Ines Reynolds Ryan Reynolds's daughter is Baby Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds's current partners:

Ryan Reynolds's wife is Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds's former partners:

Ryan Reynolds's former wife is Scarlett Johansson Ryan Reynolds is the former fiance of Alanis Morissette

Ryan Reynolds's grandparents:

Ryan Reynolds's grandfather is Ches Reynolds Ryan Reynolds's grandmother is Helen Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds's in laws:

Ryan Reynolds's brother in law-by-marriage is Bart Johnson Ryan Reynolds's father in law is Ernie Lively Ryan Reynolds's mother in law is Elaine Lively Ryan Reynolds's half-brother in law is Jason Lively Ryan Reynolds's half-sister in law is Lori Lively Ryan Reynolds's half-sister in law is Robyn Lively Ryan Reynolds's brother in law is Eric Lively

Ryan Reynolds's former in laws:

Ryan Reynolds's former father in law is Karsten Johansson Ryan Reynolds's former mother in law is Melanie Sloan Ryan Reynolds's former grandfather in law was Ejner Johansson Ryan Reynolds's former half-brother in law is Christian Johansson Ryan Reynolds's former brother in law is Adrian Johansson Ryan Reynolds's former sister in law is Vanessa Johansson Ryan Reynolds's former brother in law is Hunter Johansson Ryan Reynolds's former adopted sister in law is Fenan Sloan

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