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Partners of 
Emma Tennant
Emma Tennant

Partners of 
Emma Tennant

Tim Owens


relationship began circa 1985

Alexander Cockburn


1 child together

married 13 Dec 1968
divorce 1973

Christopher Booker


married 1963
divorce 1968

Sebastian Yorke


1 child together

married 18 Nov 1957
divorce 1962

Dominic Elwes


dated from about 1955
until about 1955

Michael Dempsey


1 child together

Ted Hughes


Emma Tennant
Bio Details

Full name

Hon. Emma Christina Tennant

Also known as

Emma Tennant FRSL

Catherine Aydy





Date of birth

Wednesday 20 Oct 1937





St. Paul's School, Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1952)

Wrote her own sequel to Jayne Austen's Pride and Prejudice entitled Pemberley.

Emma Tennant Siblings

Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner


other parent: Pamela Tennant

Tobias Tennant


Catherine Tennant


British Novelist
Emma Tennant

Hon. Emma Christina Tennant




Wednesday 20 Oct 1937

Emma Tennant Partner(s) Other Children

Emma Tennant Children

Matthew Yorke

born 1958, age 59
with Sebastian Yorke

Eldest Son of Noveilst Emma Tennant

Daisy Cockburn

born 1969, age 49
with Alexander Cockburn

Daughter of the Novelist Emma Tennant

Rose Dempsey

born 1973, age 45 (approx.)
with Michael Dempsey

Daughter of the Novelist Emma Tennant


Emma Tennant Family

Emma Tennant's parents:

Emma Tennant's father was Christopher Tennant, 2nd Baron Glenconner Emma Tennant's mother is Elizabeth Powell

Emma Tennant's former step-parents:

Emma Tennant's former step-mother was Pamela Tennant

Emma Tennant's children:

Emma Tennant's son is Matthew Yorke Emma Tennant's daughter is Daisy Cockburn Emma Tennant's daughter is Rose Dempsey

Emma Tennant's current partners:

Emma Tennant has a relationship with Tim Owens

Emma Tennant's former partners:

Emma Tennant had an affair with Ted Hughes Emma Tennant's former husband was Alexander Cockburn Emma Tennant's former husband is Christopher Booker Emma Tennant's former husband is Sebastian Yorke Emma Tennant dated Dominic Elwes Emma Tennant had a relationship with Michael Dempsey

Emma Tennant's siblings:

Emma Tennant's half-brother is Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner Emma Tennant's brother is Tobias Tennant Emma Tennant's sister is Catherine Tennant

Emma Tennant's nieces and nephews:

Emma Tennant's niece is Isabella Tennant Emma Tennant's nephew is Edward Tennant Emma Tennant's niece is Stella Tennant

Emma Tennant's grandparents:

Emma Tennant's grandfather was Eddy Tennant, 1st Baron Glenconner Emma Tennant's grandmother was Pamela Grey

Emma Tennant's former step-grandparents:

Emma Tennant's former step-grandfather was Sir Richard Paget, 2nd Bt. Emma Tennant's former step-grandmother was Muriel Finch-Hatton

Emma Tennant's former in laws:

Emma Tennant's former father in law was Claud Cockburn Emma Tennant's former mother in law was Patricia Cockburn Emma Tennant's former grandfather in law was Henry Cockburn Emma Tennant's former grandmother in law was Elizabeth Cockburn Emma Tennant's former half-brother in law was Darrel Byron Emma Tennant's former half-sister in law was Claudia Flanders Emma Tennant's former half-sister in law was Sarah Caudwell Sarah Cockburn Emma Tennant's former brother in law is Andrew Cockburn Emma Tennant's former brother in law is Patrick Cockburn