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Partners of 
Venetia Everly
Venetia Everly

Partners of 
Venetia Everly

Don Everly


3 children together

married 13 Feb 1962
divorce about 1972

Russ Tamblyn


married 14 Feb 1956
divorce 1957

Venetia Everly
Bio Details

Full name

Joanna Venetia INvicta Everly

Maiden name

Joanna Venetia Invicta Stevenson





Date of birth

Thursday 10 Mar 1938

Birth place

London, UK



Aged just 19 years Venetia is selected from 4,000 contestants for the 'most photogenic girl in the world', her prize - to the the house guest of Elvis Presley at Graceland on the 8 August 1957.

Venetia Everly Siblings

Caroline Stevenson


Venetia Everly

Joanna Venetia INvicta Everly




Thursday 10 Mar 1938

Venetia Everly Partner(s) Other Children

Venetia Everly Children

Stacey Everly

born 1963, age 55
with Don Everly

Erin Everly

born 1965, age 52
with Don Everly

Model & daughter of one of '60 rock duo The Everly Brothers

Eden Everly

born 1968, age 49
with Don Everly


Venetia Everly Family

Venetia Everly's parents:

Venetia Everly's father was Robert Stevenson Venetia Everly's mother was Anna Lee

Venetia Everly's children:

Venetia Everly's daughter is Stacey Everly Venetia Everly's daughter is Erin Everly Venetia Everly's son is Eden Everly

Venetia Everly's former partners:

Venetia Everly's former husband is Don Everly Venetia Everly's former husband is Russ Tamblyn

Venetia Everly's siblings:

Venetia Everly's sister is Caroline Stevenson

Venetia Everly's former in laws:

Venetia Everly's former brother in law was Phil Everly Venetia Everly's former father in law was Ike Everly Venetia Everly's former mother in law is Margaret Everly Venetia Everly's former grandfather in law was Isaac Milford Everly Venetia Everly's former grandmother in law was Mary Everly