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Florence Packer
Florence Packer

Partners of 
Florence Packer

Sir Frank Packer


15 Jun 1964

Florence Packer
Bio Details

Full name

Florence Mathilde Adeline Violet Packer

Maiden name

Florence Mathilde Adeline Violet Porges




97 (approx.)

Date of birth

Tuesday 22 Jun 1915

Birth place

Paris, France

Date of death:

Dec 2012

Place of death


Florence Packer Siblings

Michel Porges


Three times married second wife of Sir Frank Packer
Florence Packer

Florence Mathilde Adeline Violet Packer


97 (approx.)


Tuesday 22 Jun 1915


Dec 2012

Florence Packer Partner(s) Other Children

Florence Packer Children

Clyde Packer

born 1935, died 2001, age 65
step-child with Sir Frank Packer

Sir Kerry Packer

born 1937, died 2005, age 68
step-child with Sir Frank Packer

Media Magnate


Florence Packer Family

Florence Packer's parents:

Florence Packer's father was Edmond Porges Florence Packer's mother was Macha Porges

Florence Packer's children:

Florence Packer's step-son was Sir Kerry Packer Florence Packer's step-son was Clyde Packer

Florence Packer's current partners:

Florence Packer's husband was Sir Frank Packer

Florence Packer's siblings:

Florence Packer's brother was Michel Porges

Florence Packer's grandparents:

Florence Packer's grandfather is Theodore Porges

Florence Packer's in laws:

Florence Packer's father in law was Robert Clyde Packer Florence Packer's mother in law was Ethel Maude Packer Florence Packer's grandfather in law was Arthur Howard Packer Florence Packer's grandmother in law was Margaret Fitzmaurice Packer Florence Packer's sister in law is Kathleen Stening, Lady Stening