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Partner of 
Muriel Wright
Muriel Wright

Partners of 
Muriel Wright

Ian Fleming


relationship began Aug 1935

Muriel Wright
Bio Details

Full name

Muriel Joyce Wright





Date of birth

Monday 06 Dec 1909

Date of death:

15 Mar 1944

Place of death

Eaton Terrace Mews , London, England, UK

Cause of death

German bombing during an Air Raid

Muriel died during an air raid when she was hit by a piece of flying masonry. The rest of her flat was undamaged and it was some time before it was realised anyone was even injured in the property.

Muriel Wright Siblings

Fitzherbert Wright


Ian Fleming's wartime love.
Muriel Wright

Muriel Joyce Wright




Monday 06 Dec 1909


15 Mar 1944


Muriel Wright Family

Muriel Wright's parents:

Muriel Wright's father was Henry Fitzherbert Wright Muriel Wright's mother is Muriel Wright

Muriel Wright's former partners:

Muriel Wright had a relationship with Ian Fleming

Muriel Wright's siblings:

Muriel Wright's brother was Fitzherbert Wright

Muriel Wright's nieces and nephews:

Muriel Wright's niece was Brigid Salmond Muriel Wright's niece is Davinia Boughey Muriel Wright's nephew is Major Bryan Wright Muriel Wright's niece was Susan Barrantes

Muriel Wright's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Muriel Wright's great niece is Sarah, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson Muriel Wright's great nephew is James Boughey Muriel Wright's great niece is Jane Luedecke Muriel Wright's great niece was Sophie Ferguson