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Derek Lowe
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Derek Lowe

New Zealand pirate radio pioneer
Derek Lowe

Derek Sydney Reed Lowe

Derek Lowe
Bio Details

Full name

Derek Sydney Reed Lowe




Radio Producer

Radio DJ

Helped create New Zealand's first pirate radio station Radio Hauraki. After leaving to become a taxi driver, Derek became a major shareholder in Radio Pacific and helped build it into a successful station.

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Derek Lowe



1 child together

Derek Lowe Children

Zane Lowe

born 1973, age 44
with Unknown

Top Radio DJ First Apple Music Presenter

Derek Lowe Partner(s) Other Children


Derek Lowe Family

Derek Lowe's children:

Derek Lowe's son is Zane Lowe

Derek Lowe's grandchildren:

Derek Lowe's grandson is Jackson Walters-Lowe Derek Lowe's grandson is Lucius Walters-Lowe

Derek Lowe's in laws:

Derek Lowe's daughter in law is Kara Walters