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Frank Zappa
Partner of 
Frank Zappa

American Musician
Frank Zappa

Francis Vincent Zappa




Saturday 21 Dec 1940


4 Dec 1993

Frank Zappa
Bio Details

Full name

Francis Vincent Zappa





Date of birth

Saturday 21 Dec 1940

Birth place

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Date of death:

4 Dec 1993

Place of death

Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

Prostate Cancer




Record Label Owner

Music Producer

Film Director

Charged with conspiracy to commit pornography by the San Bernardino Vice Squad after an undercover policeman requested some sex tapes. Frank delivered tapes of faked grunting, and served 10 days in prison 

During a concert in Switzerland the venue went up in flames. The event was memorialised by Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water'
Advocate of free speech, he testified before a US Senate subcommittee in 1985 against the Parents Music Resource Centre (music organisation founded by Al Gore's wife, Tipper). They were addressing the issue of song lyrics with sexual or satanic content which Frank stated would infringe on peoples civil liberties.

Grammy Awards

1988 - Best Rock Instrumental - Jazz From Hell
1996 - Best Recording Package - Civilization Phaze II
1997 - Lifetime Achievement Award

Partners of 
Frank Zappa

Gail Zappa


4 children together


Frank Zappa Children

Moon Unit Zappa

born 1967, age 50
with Gail Zappa

Dweezil Zappa

born 1969, age 48
with Gail Zappa

Musician and son of Frank Zappa

Ahmet Zappa

born 1974, age 44
with Gail Zappa

Frank Zappa's Son

Diva Muffin Zappa

born 1979, age 38
with Gail Zappa

Frank Zappa Partner(s) Other Children


Frank Zappa Family

Frank Zappa's parents:

Frank Zappa's father is Francis Zappa Frank Zappa's mother is Rose Zappa

Frank Zappa's children:

Frank Zappa's son is Dweezil Zappa Frank Zappa's son is Ahmet Zappa Frank Zappa's daughter is Moon Unit Zappa Frank Zappa's daughter is Diva Muffin Zappa

Frank Zappa's current partners:

Frank Zappa's wife was Gail Zappa

Frank Zappa's grandchildren:

Frank Zappa's granddaughter is Halo Zappa

Frank Zappa's in laws:

Frank Zappa's son in law is Paul Doucette Frank Zappa's daughter in law is Shana Zappa

Frank Zappa's former in laws:

Frank Zappa's former daughter in law is Selma Blair

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