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Ike Turner
Partners of 
Ike Turner

American Musician
Ex husband of Tina Turner
Ike Turner

Izear Luster Turner




Thursday 05 Nov 1931


12 Dec 2007

Ike Turner
Bio Details

Full name

Izear Luster Turner





Date of birth

Thursday 05 Nov 1931

Birth place

Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA

Date of death:

12 Dec 2007

Place of death

San Marcos, California, USA

Ike Turner Siblings

Lee Knight


Partners of 
Ike Turner

Tina Turner


1 child together

married 1962
divorce 1978

Velma Davis


married 19 Sep 1950

Edna Stewart


married 10 Apr 1948
divorce before 1951

Lorraine Taylor


2 children together

Ike Turner Children

Ike Turner jr

born 1958, age 65 (approx.)
with Lorraine Taylor

Michael Turner

born 1959, age 64 (approx.)
with Lorraine Taylor

Ronnie Turner

born 1960, died 2022, age 62
with Tina Turner

Ike Turner Partner(s) Other Children


Ike Turner Family

Ike Turner's parents:

Ike Turner's father was Izear Turner Ike Turner's mother was Beatrice Reese Ike Turner's step-father was Philip Reese

Ike Turner's children:

Ike Turner's son is Ike Turner jr Ike Turner's son is Michael Turner Ike Turner's son was Ronnie Turner

Ike Turner's current partners:

Ike Turner's wife was Velma Davis Ike Turner had a relationship with Lorraine Taylor

Ike Turner's former partners:

Ike Turner's former wife was Tina Turner Ike Turner's former husband is Edna Stewart

Ike Turner's siblings:

Ike Turner's sister is Lee Knight

Ike Turner's grandchildren:

Ike Turner's grandson is Son-of-Ronnie-&-Afida Turner Ike Turner's grandson is Son-of-Ronnie-&-Afida Turner

Ike Turner's in laws:

Ike Turner's daughter in law is Afida Turner

Ike Turner's former in laws:

Ike Turner's former father in law is Floyd Bullock Ike Turner's former mother in law was Zelma Mimms Ike Turner's former grandfather in law is Alex Bullock Ike Turner's former grandmother in law is Roxanna Bullock Ike Turner's former grandfather in law is Joe Currie Ike Turner's former grandmother in law was Georgeanna Currie Ike Turner's former half-sister in law was Evelyn Currie Ike Turner's former sister in law was Alline Bullock