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Partners of 
Gladys Baker
Gladys Baker

Partners of 
Gladys Baker

John Eley


20 Apr 1949

Martin Mortensen


1 child together

married 11 Oct 1925
divorce 15 Oct 1928

Charles Gifford


affair from about 1925
until about 1925

Jasper Baker


2 children together

married 17 May 1917
divorce 11 May 1923

Gladys Baker
Bio Details

Full name

Gladys Pearl Baker

Maiden name

Gladys Pearl Monroe

Also known as

Gladys Pearl Mortensen





Date of birth

Tuesday 27 May 1902

Birth place

Ciudad Porfirio Díaz, Mexico

Date of death:

11 Mar 1984

Place of death

Gainesville, Florida, USA

Gladys Baker Siblings

Marion Monroe


Gladys Baker

Gladys Pearl Baker




Tuesday 27 May 1902


11 Mar 1984

Gladys Baker Partner(s) Other Children

Gladys Baker Children

Jackie Baker

born 1917, died 1931, age 13 (approx.)
with Jasper Baker

Berniece Baker Miracle

born 1919, age 98
with Jasper Baker

Half sister of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

born 1926, died 1962, age 36
with Martin Mortensen

American Actress and Sex Symbol


Gladys Baker Family

Gladys Baker's parents:

Gladys Baker's father was Otis Monroe Gladys Baker's mother was Della Monroe Gladys Baker's step-father is Charles Grainger

Gladys Baker's former step-parents:

Gladys Baker's former step-father was Lyle Graves

Gladys Baker's children:

Gladys Baker's daughter was Marilyn Monroe Gladys Baker's son was Jackie Baker Gladys Baker's daughter is Berniece Baker Miracle

Gladys Baker's current partners:

Gladys Baker's husband was John Eley

Gladys Baker's former partners:

Gladys Baker's former husband was Martin Mortensen Gladys Baker had an affair with Charles Gifford Gladys Baker's former husband was Jasper Baker

Gladys Baker's siblings:

Gladys Baker's brother was Marion Monroe

Gladys Baker's grandparents:

Gladys Baker's grandfather is Tilford Hogan Gladys Baker's grandmother is Jennie Nance

Gladys Baker's grandchildren:

Gladys Baker's granddaughter is Mona Rae Miracle

Gladys Baker's in laws:

Gladys Baker's son in law is Paris Miracle

Gladys Baker's former in laws:

Gladys Baker's former son in law was Arthur Miller Gladys Baker's former son in law was Joe DiMaggio Gladys Baker's former son in law was Jim Dougherty Gladys Baker's former father in law is Martin Mortensen Gladys Baker's former mother in law is Kate Higaens