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Partner of 
Hope Daly
Hope Daly

Partners of 
Hope Daly

James Daly


4 children together

married 1942
divorce 1966

Hope Daly
Bio Details

Full name

Hope Daly

Maiden name

Hope Newell





Us Actress
Hope Daly

Hope Daly

Hope Daly Partner(s) Other Children

Hope Daly Children

Pegeen Daly

born 1943 (ca.), age 75 (ca.)
with James Daly

Tyne Daly

born 1946, age 72
with James Daly

Cagney & Lacey Star

Glynn Daly

born 1948 (ca.), age 70 (ca.)
with James Daly

Sister to Actors, Tyne and Tim Daly

Tim Daly

born 1956, age 62
with James Daly

American Actor Brother of Cagney & Lacy's Tyne Daly


Hope Daly Family

Hope Daly's children:

Hope Daly's daughter is Tyne Daly Hope Daly's son is Tim Daly Hope Daly's daughter is Pegeen Daly Hope Daly's daughter is Glynn Daly

Hope Daly's former partners:

Hope Daly's former husband was James Daly

Hope Daly's grandchildren:

Hope Daly's granddaughter is Kathryne Brown Hope Daly's grandson is Sam Daly Hope Daly's granddaughter is Emelyn Daly

Hope Daly's in laws:

Hope Daly's son in law is Mark Snow

Hope Daly's former in laws:

Hope Daly's former daughter in law is Amy Van-Nostrand Hope Daly's former father in law was Percy Daly Hope Daly's former mother in law was Dorothy Daly Hope Daly's former son in law is Georg Stanford Brown