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Josh Groban
Partners of 
Josh Groban

Operatic Pop Singer
Josh Groban

Joshua Winslow Groban




Friday 27 Feb 1981

Josh Groban
Bio Details

Full name

Joshua Winslow Groban





Date of birth

Friday 27 Feb 1981

Birth place

Los Angeles, California, USA


Singer & Recording Artist

Opera Singer

Was an emergency fill in for Andrea Bocelli at the 1999 Grammies with Celine Dion which launched his career.
Made guest appearances in Ally McBeal.

Josh Groban Siblings

Christopher Groban


Partners of 
Josh Groban

Kat Dennings


relationship began 2014

January Jones


dated from Aug 2003
until 2006


Josh Groban Family

Josh Groban's parents:

Josh Groban's father is Jack Groban Josh Groban's mother is Lindy Groban

Josh Groban's current partners:

Josh Groban has a relationship with Kat Dennings

Josh Groban's former partners:

Josh Groban dated January Jones

Josh Groban's siblings:

Josh Groban's brother is Christopher Groban

Josh Groban's grandparents:

Josh Groban's grandfather was Merril Johnston Josh Groban's grandmother was Dorothy Johnston

Josh Groban's great grandparents:

Josh Groban's great grandfather was Merrill Johnson Josh Groban's great grandmother was Lulu Johnson   Josh Groban's great great grandfather was George M. Johnson Josh Groban's great great grandmother was Mary Johnson   Josh Groban's 3x great grandfather was John Z. Zimmerman Josh Groban's 3x great grandmother was Elizabeth Zimmerman   Josh Groban's 4x great grandfather was Samuel Zimmerman   Josh Groban's 5x great grandfather was John Zimmerman   Josh Groban's 6x great grandfather was Jacob Zimmerman   Josh Groban's 7x great grandfather was Jacob Christopher Zimmermann Josh Groban's 7x great grandmother was Sibilla Zimmerman   Josh Groban's 8x great grandfather was John Jacob Zimmerman Josh Groban's 8x great grandmother was Maria Margaretha Zimmermann   Josh Groban's 9x great grandfather was Philipp Schaal