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Ted Bundy
Partners of 
Ted Bundy

American serial killer.
Confessed to 30 murders.
Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert Bundy




Sunday 24 Nov 1946


24 Jan 1989

Ted Bundy
Bio Details

Full name

Theodore Robert Bundy

Also known as

Theodore Robert Cowell





Date of birth

Sunday 24 Nov 1946

Birth place

Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers, Burlington, Vermont, USA

Date of death:

24 Jan 1989

Place of death

Florida State Prison, Bradford County, Florida, USA

Cause of death

Executed (Electric chair).

The Facts

During the 1970s Bundy went on a killing spree, later confessing to killing 30 women, although it is believed his victim tally is much higher.  During the investigations and subsequent trials of Bundy, details of his modus operandi came to light, including acts of necrophilia and dressing up of the bodies.  He was given two death sentences on 24th July 1979, and received a third and final one on 10th February 1980.  His execution was carried out nearly nine years later.

To protect the innocent

Most of the names of Bundy's girlfriends have been changed in literature to protect them, or were changed by the women themselves to protect their anonymity, so many of the names listed here are pseudonyms.

Ted Bundy Siblings

Linda Bundy


other parent: John Bundy

Glen Bundy


other parent: John Bundy

Sandra Bundy


other parent: John Bundy

Richard Bundy


other parent: John Bundy

Partners of 
Ted Bundy

Carole Ann Boone


1 child together

9 Feb 1980

Stephanie Brooks

Broken Engagement

engaged from 1973
until 1974

Elizabeth Kloepfer

Broken Engagement

engaged from 1969
until 1976



Ted Bundy Children

Rosa Bundy

born 1982, age 36 (approx.)
with Carole Ann Boone

Jamey Boone

step-child with Carole Ann Boone

Ted Bundy Partner(s) Other Children


Ted Bundy Family

Ted Bundy's parents:

Ted Bundy's mother was Louise Bundy Ted Bundy's step-father was John Bundy

Ted Bundy's children:

Ted Bundy's daughter is Rosa Bundy Ted Bundy's step-son is Jamey Boone

Ted Bundy's current partners:

Ted Bundy's wife was Carole Ann Boone Ted Bundy dated Marjorie

Ted Bundy's former partners:

Ted Bundy is the former fiance of Stephanie Brooks Ted Bundy is the former fiance of Elizabeth Kloepfer

Ted Bundy's siblings:

Ted Bundy's half-sister is Linda Bundy Ted Bundy's half-brother is Glen Bundy Ted Bundy's half-sister is Sandra Bundy Ted Bundy's half-brother is Richard Bundy

Ted Bundy's grandparents:

Ted Bundy's grandfather was Samuel Cowell Ted Bundy's grandmother was Eleanor Cowell

Ted Bundy's step-grandparents:

Ted Bundy's step-grandfather was Charlie Bundy Ted Bundy's step-grandmother was Ludie Bundy

Ted Bundy's great uncles and aunts:

Ted Bundy's great aunt is Ginny Bristoll Ted Bundy's great uncle is Jack Cowell

Ted Bundy's first cousins once removed:

Ted Bundy's first cousin once removed is John Cowell

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