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Stan Laurel
Partners of 
Stan Laurel

Laurel and Hardy
Stan Laurel

Arthur Stanley Jefferson




Monday 16 Jun 1890


23 Feb 1965

Stan Laurel
Bio Details

Full name

Arthur Stanley Jefferson





Date of birth

Monday 16 Jun 1890

Birth place

3 Foundry Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, UK

Date of death:

23 Feb 1965

Place of death

Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Cause of death

Heart Attack





Film Director

Statues of the Famous

A bronze statue of Laurel and Hardy was unveiled in Ulverston, Cumbria, UK where Stan Laurel was born.
Fundraisers spent 10 years raising £60,000 for the sculpture which was placed outside the Coronation Hall theatre.
Joined the Fred Karno's Troupe of actors which included Charlie Chaplin. He worked briefly with Oliver Hardy in 'The Lucky Dog' before they became a team.


1961 - Honorary Award

Stan Laurel Siblings

Gordon Jefferson


Olga Healey


Sydney Jefferson


Edward Jefferson


Partners of 
Stan Laurel

Relationship History

Ida Laurel


6 May 1946

Virginia Laurel

Second divorce having remarried

married the second time from 11 Jan 1941
divorced again, from Apr 1946

Illeana Laurel

Third Marriage Ceremony

second ceremony 25 Apr 1938

Alyce Ardell


affair from about 1927
until before 1934

Lois Laurel


2 children together

married 25 Aug 1926
divorce 12 Oct 1933

Mae Dahlberg

Common Law Marriage

from 1919
until 1925

Professional Partners

Oliver Hardy

Professional Working Relationship

working together from 1927

Stan Laurel Children

Lois Laurel-Hawes

born 1927, died 2017, age 89
with Lois Laurel

Robert Laurel

born 1930, died 1930, age 9 days
with Lois Laurel

Stan Laurel Partner(s) Other Children


Stan Laurel Family

Stan Laurel's parents:

Stan Laurel's father was Arthur Jefferson Stan Laurel's mother was Madge Jefferson Stan Laurel's step-mother was Ven Jefferson

Stan Laurel's children:

Stan Laurel's daughter was Lois Laurel-Hawes Stan Laurel's son was Robert Laurel

Stan Laurel's current partners:

Stan Laurel's wife was Ida Laurel Stan Laurel's wife was Illeana Laurel

Stan Laurel's former partners:

Stan Laurel's former wife was Virginia Laurel Stan Laurel had an affair with Alyce Ardell Stan Laurel's former wife was Lois Laurel Stan Laurel's former wife was Mae Dahlberg

Stan Laurel's siblings:

Stan Laurel's brother was Gordon Jefferson Stan Laurel's sister was Olga Healey Stan Laurel's brother was Sydney Jefferson Stan Laurel's brother was Edward Jefferson

Stan Laurel's nieces and nephews:

Stan Laurel's niece is Eileen Jefferson

Stan Laurel's grandparents:

Stan Laurel's grandfather was George Metcalfe Stan Laurel's grandmother is Sarah Metcalfe Stan Laurel's grandfather was Alexander Gough Stan Laurel's grandmother was Harriet Jefferson

Stan Laurel's step-grandparents:

Stan Laurel's step-grandfather was Christopher Jefferson

Stan Laurel's grandchildren:

Stan Laurel's granddaughter is Laurie Brooks Stan Laurel's grandson was Randy Brooks

Stan Laurel's great grandchildren:

Stan Laurel's great granddaughter is Melinda Grcevic Stan Laurel's great granddaughter is Cherry Fratus Stan Laurel's great grandson is Garrett Brooks

Stan Laurel's uncles and aunts:

Stan Laurel's aunt was Emilie Gough Stan Laurel's aunt was Alice Gough Stan Laurel's aunt was Clara Riley Stan Laurel's aunt was Mary Gough Stan Laurel's uncle was William Gough Stan Laurel's aunt was Sarah Shaw Stan Laurel's uncle-by-marriage is John Shaw

Stan Laurel's in laws:

Stan Laurel's son in law was Tony Hawes

Stan Laurel's former in laws:

Stan Laurel's former son in law was Rand Brooks Jr.

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