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Partners of 
Tea Leoni
Tea Leoni

Partners of 
Tea Leoni

Tim Daly


dating from about Aug 2014

Billy Bob Thornton

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from 2008

David Duchovny


2 children together

married 13 May 1997
divorce 2014

Neil Tardio Jr


married about 1991
divorce about 1993

Tea Leoni
Bio Details

Full name

Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni





Date of birth

Friday 25 Feb 1966

Birth place

New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA



UNICEF Ambassador (2001)


Sarah Lawrence College, New York, United States

Studied anthropology and psychology at university.
Tea's Grandmother, Helenka Pantaleoni, was one of the founders of the US fund for UNICEF.  Tea herself became a UNICEF ambassador in 2001 and she and her father, Tony, received the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award for their dedicated service in 2007.

Tea Leoni Siblings

Tom Pantaleoni


American TV & Movie Actress
Tea Leoni

Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni




Friday 25 Feb 1966

Tea Leoni Partner(s) Other Children

Tea Leoni Children

Madeline West Duchovny

born 1999, age 19 (approx.)
with David Duchovny

Daughter of Teh X-Files David Duchovny

Kyd Miller Duchovny

born 2002, age 16 (approx.)
with David Duchovny

Son of The X-Files David Duchovny


Tea Leoni Family

Tea Leoni's parents:

Tea Leoni's father is Anthony Pantaleoni Tea Leoni's mother is Emily Pantaleoni

Tea Leoni's children:

Tea Leoni's daughter is Madeline West Duchovny Tea Leoni's son is Kyd Miller Duchovny

Tea Leoni's current partners:

Tea Leoni is dating Tim Daly

Tea Leoni's former partners:

Tea Leoni allegedly had a romance with Billy Bob Thornton Tea Leoni's former husband is David Duchovny Tea Leoni's former husband is Neil Tardio Jr

Tea Leoni's siblings:

Tea Leoni's brother is Tom Pantaleoni

Tea Leoni's grandparents:

Tea Leoni's grandmother was Helenka Pantaleoni Tea Leoni's grandfather is Guido Pantaleoni

Tea Leoni's former step-grandparents:

Tea Leoni's former step-grandmother was Lucy Pantaleoni

Tea Leoni's uncles and aunts:

Tea Leoni's uncle is Michael Pantaleoni Tea Leoni's uncle is Guido Pantaleoni Tea Leoni's uncle is Hewitt Pantaleoni Tea Leoni's aunt is Nina Hillgarth

Tea Leoni's former in laws:

Tea Leoni's former father in law was Amram Duchovny Tea Leoni's former mother in law is Meg Duchovny Tea Leoni's former step-mother in law is Varda Duchovny Tea Leoni's former brother in law is Daniel Duchovny Tea Leoni's former sister in law is Laurie Duchovny