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Partners of 
Peggy Jones
Peggy Jones

Partners of 
Peggy Jones

John Jones


1 child together

12 Sep 1947

Jack Rosemberg


1 child together

relationship began 1937
until 1938



1 child together

Peggy Jones
Bio Details

Full name

Margaret Mary Jones

Maiden name

Margaret Burns





Date of birth

Thursday 02 Oct 1913

Birth place

Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, UK

Date of death:

2 Apr 2001

Place of death

St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, UK



Bowie reportedly lost contact with his mum in the height of his success in the 1970s.  They rebuilt their relationship following Bowie's marriage to Iman in 1992.

Peggy Jones Siblings

Nora Burns


Jimmy Burns


Una Paulsen


Vivienne McDowell


Pat Burns


Mother of David Bowie
Peggy Jones

Margaret Mary Jones




Thursday 02 Oct 1913


2 Apr 2001

Peggy Jones Partner(s) Other Children

Peggy Jones Children

Terry Burns

born 1937, died 1985, age 47
with Jack Rosemberg

Half brother of David Bowie

Myra Ann Burns

born 1943 (ca.), age 78 (ca.)
with Unknown

Half Sister of Rock Legend David Bowie

David Bowie

born 1947, died 2016, age 69
with John Jones

British Glam Rock Icon

Annette Jones

born 1938, age 83 (approx.)
step-child with John Jones

Half Sister of Rock Legend David Bowie


Peggy Jones Family

Peggy Jones's parents:

Peggy Jones's father was Jimmy Burns Peggy Jones's mother was Margaret Burns

Peggy Jones's children:

Peggy Jones's son was David Bowie Peggy Jones's son was Terry Burns Peggy Jones's daughter is Myra Ann Burns Peggy Jones's step-daughter is Annette Jones

Peggy Jones's current partners:

Peggy Jones's husband was John Jones

Peggy Jones's former partners:

Peggy Jones had a relationship with Jack Rosemberg

Peggy Jones's siblings:

Peggy Jones's sister was Nora Burns Peggy Jones's brother was Jimmy Burns Peggy Jones's sister was Una Paulsen Peggy Jones's sister was Vivienne McDowell Peggy Jones's sister is Pat Burns

Peggy Jones's nieces and nephews:

Peggy Jones's niece is Kristina Amadeus

Peggy Jones's grandparents:

Peggy Jones's grandfather was James Burns Peggy Jones's grandmother was Margaret Burns

Peggy Jones's grandchildren:

Peggy Jones's grandson is Duncan Jones Peggy Jones's granddaughter is Lexie Jones

Peggy Jones's great grandchildren:

Peggy Jones's great grandson is Stanton David Jones

Peggy Jones's in laws:

Peggy Jones's daughter in law is Iman Peggy Jones's father in law was Robert Jones Peggy Jones's mother in law was Zillah Jones Peggy Jones's daughter in law was Olga Burns

Peggy Jones's former in laws:

Peggy Jones's former daughter in law is Angie Bowie