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Jaques Villeneuve
Partners of 
Jaques Villeneuve

Former F1 World Champion
Jaques Villeneuve

Jaques Joseph Charles Villeneuve




Friday 09 Apr 1971

Jaques Villeneuve
Bio Details

Full name

Jaques Joseph Charles Villeneuve





Date of birth

Friday 09 Apr 1971

Birth place

Quebec, Canada

Jaques Villeneuve Siblings

Melanie Villeneuve


Jessica Villeneuve


other parent: Unknown

Partners of 
Jaques Villeneuve

Camila Villeneuve


30 Jun 2012

Johanna Villeneuve


2 children together

married 2006
divorce 2009

Dannii Minogue

Broken Engagement

engaged from Nov 1999
until 2001

Sandrine Gros D'Aillon

Broken Engagement

Elly Green

Broken Engagement

Jaques Villeneuve Children

Jules Villeneuve

born 2007, age 11 (approx.)
with Johanna Villeneuve

Son of F1 Champion Jaques Villeneuve

Joakim Villeneuve

born 2008, age 10 (approx.)
with Johanna Villeneuve

Son of F1 Champion Jaques Villeneuve

Jaques Villeneuve Partner(s) Other Children


Jaques Villeneuve Family

Jaques Villeneuve's parents:

Jaques Villeneuve's father was Gilles Villeneuve Jaques Villeneuve's mother is Joann Villeneuve

Jaques Villeneuve's children:

Jaques Villeneuve's son is Jules Villeneuve Jaques Villeneuve's son is Joakim Villeneuve

Jaques Villeneuve's current partners:

Jaques Villeneuve's wife is Camila Villeneuve

Jaques Villeneuve's former partners:

Jaques Villeneuve is the former fiance of Dannii Minogue Jaques Villeneuve is the former fiance of Elly Green Jaques Villeneuve's former wife is Johanna Villeneuve Jaques Villeneuve is the former fiance of Sandrine Gros D'Aillon

Jaques Villeneuve's siblings:

Jaques Villeneuve's sister is Melanie Villeneuve Jaques Villeneuve's half-sister is Jessica Villeneuve

Jaques Villeneuve's grandparents:

Jaques Villeneuve's grandfather is Father-of-Joann Barthe Jaques Villeneuve's grandfather is Seville Villeneuve Jaques Villeneuve's grandmother is Georgette Villeneuve

Jaques Villeneuve's uncles and aunts:

Jaques Villeneuve's uncle is Jacques Villeneuve sr Jaques Villeneuve's aunt is Louise Barthe

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