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Rolf Knie
Partner of 
Rolf Knie

Famous Swiss circus elephant trainer
Rolf Knie

Rudolf Knie




Wednesday 23 Nov 1921


18 Aug 1997

Rolf Knie
Bio Details

Full name

Rudolf Knie





Date of birth

Wednesday 23 Nov 1921

Birth place

Wetzikon, Hinwil, Switzerland

Date of death:

18 Aug 1997


Circus Performer

Animal Trainer

Rolf Knie Siblings

Fredy Knie


Partners of 
Rolf Knie

Tina Knie


2 children together


Rolf Knie Children

Louis Knie

born 1951, age 67
with Tina Knie

Franco Knie

born 1954, age 63
with Tina Knie

Swiss Circus Owner Former lover of Princess Stephanie

Rolf Knie Partner(s) Other Children


Rolf Knie Family

Rolf Knie's parents:

Rolf Knie's father was Frederic Knie Rolf Knie's mother is Sophie Knie-Griesser

Rolf Knie's children:

Rolf Knie's son is Franco Knie Rolf Knie's son is Louis Knie

Rolf Knie's current partners:

Rolf Knie's wife was Tina Knie

Rolf Knie's siblings:

Rolf Knie's brother was Fredy Knie

Rolf Knie's grandparents:

Rolf Knie's grandfather is Ludwig Knie Rolf Knie's grandmother is Marie Knie-Helm

Rolf Knie's grandchildren:

Rolf Knie's grandson is Franco Knie jr Rolf Knie's granddaughter is Doris Knie-Agostini Rolf Knie's grandson is Anthony Knie Rolf Knie's granddaughter is Nina Knie Rolf Knie's grandson is Timothy Knie

Rolf Knie's uncles and aunts:

Rolf Knie's uncle was Louis Knie Rolf Knie's uncle was Rudolf Knie Rolf Knie's uncle was Karl Knie Rolf Knie's uncle was Eugen Knie

Rolf Knie's in laws:

Rolf Knie's daughter in law is Claudia Knie-Uez

Rolf Knie's former in laws:

Rolf Knie's former daughter in law is Claudine Knie-Rey Rolf Knie's former daughter in law is Doris Knie-Agostini