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Mohamed Hadid
Partners of 
Mohamed Hadid

High profile real estate (property) developer.
Mohamed Hadid

Mohamed Hadid


70 (approx.)



Mohamed Hadid
Bio Details

Full name

Mohamed Hadid




70 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Nazareth, Palestine


Property Developer


Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia, United States

Mohamed Hadid Siblings

Mahmoud Hadid


Majid Hadid


Raida Al-Hassan


Maha Matar


Sana Hadid


Majida Hyatt


Ghada Harnden


Partners of 
Mohamed Hadid

Shiva Safai


engaged Jan 2014

Yolanda Hadid Foster


3 children together

married 1994
divorce 2003

Rowanne Brewer Lane

Broken Engagement

engaged from circa 1992
until circa 1995

Mary Butler


2 children together

married before 1988
divorce about May 1992

Mohamed Hadid Children

Marielle Hadid

born 1980, age 38 (approx.)
with Mary Butler

Gigi and Bella Hadid's half sister

Alana Hadid

born 1983, age 35 (approx.)
with Mary Butler

Half Sister of Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

born 1994, age 24
with Yolanda Hadid Foster

American fashion model & TV personality

Bella Hadid

born 1995, age 22
with Yolanda Hadid Foster

Model and daughter to Beverly Hills Real Housewife Yolanda Hadid

Anwar Hadid

born 1999, age 19
with Yolanda Hadid Foster

Son of Yolanda Foster

Mohamed Hadid Partner(s) Other Children


Mohamed Hadid Family

Mohamed Hadid's parents:

Mohamed Hadid's father was Anwar Hadid Mohamed Hadid's mother was Khairah Hadid

Mohamed Hadid's children:

Mohamed Hadid's daughter is Gigi Hadid Mohamed Hadid's daughter is Bella Hadid Mohamed Hadid's daughter is Marielle Hadid Mohamed Hadid's daughter is Alana Hadid Mohamed Hadid's son is Anwar Hadid

Mohamed Hadid's current partners:

Mohamed Hadid is the fiance of Shiva Safai

Mohamed Hadid's former partners:

Mohamed Hadid's former wife is Yolanda Hadid Foster Mohamed Hadid is the former fiance of Rowanne Brewer Lane Mohamed Hadid's former wife is Mary Butler

Mohamed Hadid's siblings:

Mohamed Hadid's brother is Mahmoud Hadid Mohamed Hadid's brother is Majid Hadid Mohamed Hadid's sister is Raida Al-Hassan Mohamed Hadid's sister is Maha Matar Mohamed Hadid's sister is Sana Hadid Mohamed Hadid's sister is Majida Hyatt Mohamed Hadid's sister is Ghada Harnden

Mohamed Hadid's grandparents:

Mohamed Hadid's grandfather is Mohamed T Hadid Mohamed Hadid's grandmother is Nazla S Abder Rahim

Mohamed Hadid's grandchildren:

Mohamed Hadid's granddaughter is Coco Hadid Mohamed Hadid's grandson is Colton Hadid

Mohamed Hadid's former in laws:

Mohamed Hadid's former mother in law is Ans van den Herik Mohamed Hadid's former brother in law is Leo van den Herik