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Partner of 
Jennie Woolworth
Jennie Woolworth

Partners of 
Jennie Woolworth

Frank Winfield Woolworth


2 children together

Ended 1919

Jennie Woolworth
Bio Details

Full name

Jennie Woolworth

Maiden name

Jennie Creighton





Date of birth

Tuesday 01 Mar 1853

Birth place

Picton, Ontario, Canada

Date of death:

21 May 1924

Place of death

Glen Cove, Nassau County, New York, USA

Jennie Woolworth

Jennie Woolworth




Tuesday 01 Mar 1853


21 May 1924

Jennie Woolworth Partner(s) Other Children

Jennie Woolworth Children

Helena Maud McCann

born 1878, died 1938, age 59
with Frank Winfield Woolworth

Edna Hutton

born 1883, died 1917, age 33
with Frank Winfield Woolworth


Jennie Woolworth Family

Jennie Woolworth's children:

Jennie Woolworth's daughter was Helena Maud McCann Jennie Woolworth's daughter was Edna Hutton

Jennie Woolworth's former partners:

Jennie Woolworth's former husband was Frank Winfield Woolworth

Jennie Woolworth's grandchildren:

Jennie Woolworth's granddaughter was Barbara Hutton

Jennie Woolworth's great grandchildren:

Jennie Woolworth's great grandson was Lance Reventlow

Jennie Woolworth's former in laws:

Jennie Woolworth's former father in law was John Hubbell Woolworth Jennie Woolworth's former mother in law was Fanny Woolworth Jennie Woolworth's former brother in law was Charles Sumner Woolworth Jennie Woolworth's former sister in law was Flora M. Flick Jennie Woolworth's former son in law was Charles McCann Jennie Woolworth's former son in law was Franklyn Laws Hutton