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Charles Ulman
Partner of 
Charles Ulman

Charles Ulman

Hezekiah Charles Ulman


110 (presumed dead)


Sunday 15 Sep 1833

Charles Ulman
Bio Details

Full name

Hezekiah Charles Ulman

Also known as





110 (presumed dead)

Date of birth

Sunday 15 Sep 1833

Birth place

Berrysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Partners of 
Charles Ulman

Ella Adelaide Fairbanks


2 children together

married 1882
divorce after 1887

Charles Ulman Children

Robert Payne Fairbanks

born 1882, died 1948, age 65 (approx.)
with Ella Adelaide Fairbanks

Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

born 1883, died 1939, age 56
with Ella Adelaide Fairbanks

Silent Movie Star

Charles Ulman Partner(s) Other Children


Charles Ulman Family

Charles Ulman's children:

Charles Ulman's son was Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Charles Ulman's son was Robert Payne Fairbanks

Charles Ulman's former partners:

Charles Ulman's former wife was Ella Adelaide Fairbanks

Charles Ulman's grandchildren:

Charles Ulman's grandson was Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Charles Ulman's great grandchildren:

Charles Ulman's great granddaughter is Daphne Fairbanks Charles Ulman's great granddaughter is Victoria Fairbanks Charles Ulman's great granddaughter is Melissa Fairbanks

Charles Ulman's in laws:

Charles Ulman's daughter in law was Lady Sylvia Ashley

Charles Ulman's former in laws:

Charles Ulman's former daughter in law was Mary Pickford Charles Ulman's former daughter in law is Anna Beth Fairbanks